General Ideas about the Mars Report required by Bob Williams
First I suggest you visit my website at the Faculty Web Pages section of CCC's Internal Web Pages on campus. Learn some of the very latest and new information the government has released for public viewing. There are also links to Nasa itself and other space related sites to learn some of the currently accepted theories and facts about our planetary neighbor. You should also investigate facts that 'official' sources are either ignoring, or just mention in passing without explanation or analysis. Compare the wealth and depth of web analysis by main stream scientists, educators and researchers of real geomorphic formations such as dunes, ice, volcanos and craters, and the clear lack there-of for formations such as the Face, Pyramids and other features by those same sources. You may find that sources concentrating only on the Alien aspect are ignoring the scientific geology of the planet to concentrate solely on their own perspective. Can anyone be truly objective using just a bit of common sense and what they can see with their own eyes? That is your task for this assignment. I wish you the best of luck and sincerely hope you will become honestly curious enough to at least open your mind to the expanded future possibilities that will result from your explorations.

Specifics about the grading of the report:
1.You MUST at least use the spell checker properly. Font is Times New Roman 12 pt and report must be 5 pages double-spaced NOT including cover page and reference citations.
2.You must use at least 10 Internet sites in your research, including mine.
3.You must use at least 1 magazine or scientific journal, your choice.
4.You must use at least 1 book.
5.You must also acknowledge all quoted material, and such quoted material cannot be more than 2 sentences for each source. Footnotes or endnotes are to be used for all references. While I may not be a stickler for which type of citation method you use, I should be able to go myself to each accredited research area and easily find the quote. Note to plagiarizers: I have gone and checked at least some footnotes used in ALL reports handed to me for grading.
6. You must use at least 1 image from the Internet and saved to your A: drive. You may not use more than 3 images and each image cannot take up more than 1/4 of a page. That's about 1 1/2 inch high. If more than 1 image is used, you MUST use framed word-wrap. You will learn how to do this in class.
Point distribution: requirement 2 will be worth 50 points, the others are 10 points each.

I am looking for your basic knowledge about Mars, the current dialogue as you understand it and your feelings about it, and what you think is really the truth and what you would do about it if you were in-charge. This is a report about what you know, find out and how you feel about it all. I really want your views and you will notice that the grading is based on the mechanics of the report and not what the words say. While I will not be requiring you to send this report to Nasa, the White House, our local or other government official or our local media; demonstration of having done so by attaching copy of receipt of acknowledgment by any one of those entities will earn you an extra 10 bonus points that can be applied to any test or homework from the course you choose.