Web Page Homework Assignment
DAP 500 Classes - Bob Williams

You must create a home site with a minimum of 5 pages. There must be 1 main home page and four individual sub-pages that deal with four different topics of your choice. Each of the 5 pages must have at least 1 graphic, and you must have at least 1 animated graphic. The home page must have a background other than white. You may browse the web for any graphics you wish.
All files must fit on 1 floppy diskette and all files must be in the same folder to work properly. Each page (except main page) must have at least 7 links to real web sites of your choice dealing with the subject matter of that page. Each link must have 1-2 sentences to describe where you are sending people.
This assignment is due the beginning of class on March 30, 1999. There will be no partial credit and no late credit for this assignment. You will either be able to hand-in your site on disk, or you will not. You will either earn the 50 points for completely fulfilling this assignment, or you get a 0 for it.
You may ask for help from me, or the AAC. You can check out my site for an example on how main and sub pages can be arranged. You are not required to follow my example. If you already have a web page posted on the Internet, you may make a main page that will link me to your web site. It still must have at least 4 sub pages and each sub page must have 7 links each to other web sites.
If there are questions, feel free to ask. I strongly advise you not to put this assignment off until the last minute. Grading will be based on having met ALL the above criteria. (5 pages, 5 graphics, 1 animated graphic, background other than white, 7 working links per subject page, 1-2 sentences describing links.)


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