Broken Promises

Here you will find links to scanned documents pertaining to my fight with the new current Clinton Community College administration and their broken promise to give me the 'kindly protection' of the college in my quest to simply ask NASA some very tough, specific and interesting questions and for the ability to publish and continue research in this area as is my right under the collective bargaining agreement.  Remember, I had been doing this research in an honest, truthful and open manner for 7 years prior to these 3 new administrators.

The following links are presented in the chronological order in which they occurred in the continuing battle against the hagiographers.

My Autumn 2001 ET workshop notice.   This event canceled by Academic Dean James Brazil on the job less than 1 month.  He had also canceled one of my 3 credit classes "Web Page Development" the very first thing on the Monday morning of the very last week of registration before the Autumn 2000 semester started.  At the time it had 5 paid students which would have netted the college $850 'profit' after covering my salary for the course.  In the room it was supposed to be conducted in (120T) the computers remained on and empty for that period ALL semester.  Who knows how many last minute ( and anyone who has worked at a college KNOWS how hectic last week of registration is, much less first few days of school with drop-adds ) students might have opted to take it also?  The class was NEVER given a chance.

Continuing Education Dean support of the FOIA - html page not scanned use back button to return here.

The August 21, 2000 FOIA to NASA - html pg

My syllabus evaluation by the Division Coordinator for the Autumn 2000 semester did NOT have a problem with the Mars Internet Report that was used as an example of critical thinking skills exercise in discerning real evidence over  'manufactured' or 'processing-induced' evidence and applying similar standards to other subjects the student will do Internet research on.  The Spring 2000 evaluation after the upcoming 'tussle' was quite different.

President Eaton's Promised support of the FOIA

The FOIA to NASA - html page not scanned. Use your browser's back button to return to this page.  Note that this FOIA had three ( 3 ) sentences removed from the August 21 FOIA that the President had 'issues' with.  She asked that I remove those sentences, I did, she then signed the support letter.

DIVERSITY CELEBRATION PRESENTATION- A campus wide event to celebrate the diversity of the Universe.  This was the 3rd Annual time I had participated in this event that helps to educate others to other viewpoints and other experiences that our wide world of wonder can give us. October 26 - 27, 2000- there are 5 img scans dealing with my and student participation in this event.

Are you a Martian? - img 1

Are you a Martian? - img 2

Are you a Martian? - img 3

Are you a Martian? - img 4  -Thank you from CCC

Are you a Martian? - img 5  - Students' support of FOIA

First written notice to me by Brazil after the November 7, 2000 meeting with him.  

I prevailed in an internal appeal after that meeting that successfully argued that giving me only 6 days to revamp a website that had taken 7 years to build was unrealistic and unreasonable.  New due date for a revamped site was set for January 15, 2001.  This meeting was my very first indication that President Eaton had broken her verbal and written promises.  She didn't even have the courtesy to speak to me directly.  Wouldn't be the last time this administration ducks FACING their responsibilities-see below for one more instance of the same.  I had also continued this internal appeal process through March 2001 to not change the site at all.  Please note the material he wishes removed, and then compare to specifics he refers to in the actual removal notice of Feb 5, 2001 and notice the discrepancies.

PSUC Board's Community Government Relations Committee endorsement of FOIA.

NASA FOIA reply # 1- pg 1

NASA FOIA reply # 1- pg 2

About the above reply I would like to point out that they had merely sent me links ( as YOU can see ) which I had already known about.  Also note that this reply was in FACT referring to the FOIA endorsed by Eaton which they received 4 days after Eaton signed it, they had NOT yet received a copy of the PSUC endorsement nor had they heard from the Congressman.  So much for 'Presidential clout', turns out her signature and endorsement of my right to ask the FOIA through CCC meant little to NASA at all.  Makes me wonder what all her 'huff-n-buff' over this issue is really all about.  As the saying goes: I'm only paranoid because I'm paying attention.

I soon called the Congressman after receiving this reply and he informed me he had called NASA and was assured the FOIA would receive serious attention and should he call again?  I thanked him for his effort and told him we should wait for 60 days or so to give them time to respond to his call.  I then filed a NASA grant under the Mars Global Surveyor Guest Observer Program (MGSGOP) with the Chair of the Geography Department at Plattsburgh State University for the study of the Cydonia Smoking Pyramid.  Now we both KNEW in advance that without the authorization from the administration of CCC that the grant request had a very nearly zero chance of being approved with me as the Principle Investigator.  However, I wanted to be on record as the PI for this official request and as a personal favor Dr. Moravick agreed to co-request the grant with me.  We also thought that if we never actually asked, we TRULY wouldn't KNOW that our request would be turned down.  We decided to give it a shot.  A few bucks certified postage, time and the committed interest in the scientific inquiry into this enigmatic feature that may be as equally interesting as the Cydonia Face.   

Just before posting the revamped CSC site, I called the PSUC's Congressman's office and asked that they inquire to NASA once more then give them another 60 days after this new inquiry.

On January 15, 2001 I published the new and revamped Common Sense Central.  For three weeks I went through the Spring 2001 semester normally and directly saw and spoke with Dean Brazil in the halls on 2 separate occasions.  At no time was I informed that the changes made to the site were not in compliance with what he had ordered or that I had failed to comply with an edict he had issued.  Until...

Email from Al - pg 1

Email from Al - pg 2

Notice from Brazil to yank the site.

Reply from Brazil to Al

Here continued in a more active phase an internal, and eventually a public, and currently on-going struggle.  I was NEVER given a chance to respond to either Al's email or Brazil's reply or handling of the issue.  Nor was I allowed to address any committee about the changes that actually had been made.  The site that was pulled is the first link on the main page and beginning this sentence.

One should NOT believe everything they read on the web and using the Alien-Human scenario was a classroom methodological example of how to be able to apply critical thinking skills to web resource research.  It WAS ( and STILL IS ) a much BETTER subject to deal with than looking into various home 'remedies' on the wild wild web for various aliments or diseases, for specific 'contest scams' or other more specific examples.  I pointed out these areas in general, along with ideological agendas, other type of internet scams, 'deals', and other nefarious areas telling them what they might expect from visiting such sites.  By using the Alien-Human issue as a specific example to be able to point to some REALLY outrageous claims I was really, in fact, using the government's OWN philosophy of handling this issue-the 'giggle-factor'.  Rather than offend someone by pointing to something like 'Rakei' or the 'laying-on of hands' as examples of 'outrageous claims'; by using claims from the Alien-Human arena of the www is already pre-built for a 'giggle-factor' ability to laugh off any 'weird' or 'offensive' feelings or attitudes in dealing with example subject matter.  Same thing with finding examples of wild 'HIV-cures' versus using the Alien-Human subject matter.  There ARE lots of examples for everything 'out-there' - I see no harm no foul with actually using the 'out-there' as an example in and of itself. period.

On February 12, 2001 I received a letter in my campus mailbox from Division Coordinator Simms thanking me for my past service in the last Autumn 2000 semester.

Division Coordinator 'Fires' me.  March 7, 2001 via an email rather than speaking to me directly after 8 years of quality and dedicated service.  On this same day I received the first real substantive reply from NASA to the FOIAs of August and October 2000.

I would 'normally' have posted this reply the day I received it on my campus website, but that had been taken down.  Since the FOIA was originally requested as an 'educational' example and therefore fell under certain rules, guidelines and procedures as outlined within the FOIA, to display the reply in a non-educational setting may seriously jeopardize that standing.  I was being fired as I had just found out and the ability to post the reply on the CCC server was denied.  However, as this is the LAST couple of weeks I will still be an employee of CCC, I am posting the informative reply here in full disclosure for TRUTH'S sake.  Other educators elsewhere will have to take up the issues left unresolved in this reply.  I want to especially thank the PSUC Board Chairperson and especially the Congressman Alumni from PSUC who were instrumental in getting the following reply so forthcoming.

NASA FOIA Reply #2 dated March 1, 2001 - pg 1

NASA FOIA Reply #2 dated March 1, 2001 - pg 2

Now how the Faculty Association Union handled the grievance.

My Union's 1st response to my being 'fired'.

Grievance I attempted to file.  html file.  Use your browser's back button to return to this page. 

I was denied the ability to file this grievance by the Faculty Association Union which had included adjunct faculty members for the first time this contract which was only ratified in the beginning of 2001 and was retroactive to September 2000.  The college itself also refused to allow me to file this grievance on my own at 12:30 PM on April 5, 2001 in the Human Resources office directly by the Human resources officer of the college in front of two other witnesses.  Both of these denials are in direct violation of the contract, federal and state law and is being reported to NYS  P.E.R.B.  

I had a personal meeting with President Eaton to try and argue for my job and to also inquire as to why her promise had been broken.  She indicated she would back her staff of Division Coordinator and the Academic Dean.  She also informed me that she couldn't tell me why the promise was broken.

Union notice of executive meeting.  Notice the large number of people, some of which are on CCC  administrative committees which have now been notified of the Union legal opinion of which my dues paid for.  The Union with this email just gave the CCC Administration the results of legal advice MY dues paid for.  Also the following notice is sent DIRECTLY to the top CCC Administrators involved letting them know the Union will NOT be backing my grievance and the legal opinion my dues paid for.  

Union notice of results of executive meeting - pg 1

Union notice of results of executive meeting - pg 2

Throughout my going through the process of fighting this unfair infringement of the rights and  academic freedoms the collective bargaining contract gives me under Article VI has been long, difficult, stressful, and certainly has resulted in physical, emotional, and financial hardships on myself, and my partially paralyzed and wheel-chair bound wife.  I have the LEGAL right to pursue this material, which IS course related to the courses I teach.  Anyone who has looked at any of the newest images from the periodic 'data dumps' from JPL/NASA/MSSS can readily see that a novice computer user would be hard pressed to easily find and view the latest data their tax dollars are paying for.  It is imperative that my fellow community citizen working voting taxpayers be allowed to learn how to use ALL the tools the microcomputer has for them to be able to study ANY subject they wish.  The NASA MGS MOC data was/is a PRIME example of how uneasy that can be for the average uneducated user, and in my showing how to learn new software with little or no on-line help or manuals is crucial in their ability to take part in the wonderful discoveries JPL/NASA/MSSS have let Americans, and the world, find themselves with these 'data dumps'.

Collective Bargaining Agreement Article VI - pg 1

Collective Bargaining Agreement Article VI - pg 2

Collective Bargaining Agreement Article VI - pg 3

Violations of US Federal and NYS Labor laws have been violated by both CCC Administration and the Faculty Association Union.  NYS PERB complaints have been mailed for filing against both these organizations.  It is my firm belief that not only is Academic Freedom, Freedom of Research and right to adequate representation by a collective bargaining unit at stake; but also a basic issue of the Free Speech from our U.S. Constitution.  I am of the opinion that in looking at ALL the evidence presented here one can come to the same  conclusion and find that there is more than reasonable cause and evidence to pursue this case to the fullest extent possible.  If you are an attorney reading this please email me your office number at if you wish to help pursue this case on a contingency basis.  

Thank you for your valuable time, attention and interest in this issue which is of great import.



UPDATE July 30, 2001:

A lot has happened since this page first went up, I finished out current contract obligations that had already been signed until the end of May 2001.  At NO time since the last day of school on May 18, 2001 has anyone at CCC EVER, REPEAT EVER, called, wrote or otherwise contacted me to tell me any contracts were ready for my signature for previously scheduled classes, that my RIGHT to access to the faculty website space had been restored as my needed classroom tool, or that other teaching opportunities were available.  This is an extremely important point of BRUTAL TRUTH.  Because they have had the temerity to tell the news media folks who have been kind enough to enquire into this travesty that I was NOT fired and that there was no story with this issue.  Baloney!  I'm being silenced over my FOIA requests to NASA, the use of Mars images as academic freedom rather than a bicycle tire image, use of astronaut names rather than John n Jane Does, and my right under the contract for freedom of research and dissemination of that research.  I kept my promises and taught ALL the courses I had contracted for, why hasn't CCC kept its promises to me?  It certainly isn't because of my job performance as I know many debunking disbelievers out there may think and here's the PROOF:

Student Evaluations ! ! !

The following links will display jpg images in your browser, you must use the back button to get back to this page.  Also, to save space since I no longer have the ACADEMIC FREEDOM to use equipment my own taxes paid for, web space is limited.  These images are low quality b/w and will be BEST viewable if you save them to your own folder/directory on your local machine and then open them in a photo/paint program to zoom in with the zoom tool or zoom menu choice and more easily read the questions on the questionnaire students were asked to anomalously fill out while I was NOT in the room, the results of those questions tabulated, and individual student comments.  In this process, not only do I leave the room, but a student hand delivers these evaluations to the administration.  I wish to say I think THIS method works great, has ALWAYS worked great, and is one more thing THIS new administration wants to do away with.

The questionnaire page 1

The questionnaire page 2

CSC102_01c Winter 2001  the one that was only 2/3 time-see above!

CSC102_04c Spring 2001

CSC102_05c Spring 2001

CSC102_06c Spring 2001

I am a better than average teacher and conducted myself in a professional manner with integrity within and without the classroom.  My tests were tough but fair, its college after all.  These student testimonies are typical and show an overall 95% approval rating that I am doing something RIGHT!  For 8 happy years. I am engaging the student into the material in a manner that excites their visions and hopes for the future of not only themselves, but in helping to also make their own corner of the world better for ALL of humanity and any of its neighbors in the Universe.  Is THAT such a terrible thing to do?  Apparently THIS CCC administration thinks so.


On June 2, 2001 I was a guest on  1010AM out of Toronto Canada on Errol Bruce-Knapp's Strange Days Indeed show with Mr. Stephen Bassett of the ONLY registered Political Action Committee in Washington DC for the issue of American public contact with Extraterrestrial Intelligence here in the United States at:   

 Also on the show was a Mr. Alfred Lhemberg who was also fired from teaching over his use of Extraterrestrial issues in his curriculum.   I wish to thank Mr. Bassett who was instrumental in setting this up and who is continuing the fight for ALL of us for the release of this fantastic information that will revolutionize humanity and end the secrecy of more than 50 decades of illegal, immoral, and unconstitutional withholding of vital national and human security issues from 2 Presidents, much less the American public and the world at large.  

See also:

The secrecy about Flying Saucers isn't funny anymore.  It's past time to put the public 'giggle factor' with this issue where it belongs- 6 feet under.

If you want to help in that process these are the email addresses publicly available at the CCC site and my local print, radio and TV media.  Send them all a note.  Thank you. --no longer at CCC 7/31/2007 -- also no longer at CCC due to death 7/31/2007 --broken link 7/31/2007 --broken link 7/31/2007 link 7/31/2007


On Saturday night August 4, 2001 I was a guest with Astronomer Dr. Tom Van Flandern and others on Ground Zero radio available from the web via:  --broken link 7/31/2007

or from KOTK Portland Oregon with host Clyde Lewis.  

Ground Zero radio show: link 7/31/2007

It was an excellent and interesting show.  I am thankful to many people in helping bring this about. You know who you are. Thanx.


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