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Robert Hubert Williams



I am honored by your visit to my website, which is now online and updated for 2001, the true beginning of the 3rd Aquarian Millennium.  This entire site originally started out as an educational website that I used to teach the internet without actually having access to it at the CCC campus and auxiliary sites we went, or had to go to, around the Plattsburgh and Clinton County area of New York State in USA., North America, planet Earth...

I was born here in Plattsburgh and the Universe has unfolded so that I was a teacher at CCC; and as an Aquarian I suppose that is a fitting job for me to have had.  I loved it, I was good at it, and I will sincerely miss it if my next endeavor is not somehow involved in teaching and inspiring our youth to dream beyond the places they are; and yearn for the places just beyond the reach of their wildest dreams.

 I was disabled from regular work by an ascending aorta rip that required open heart surgery and the replacement of two major parts of my heart with plastic.  I'm part machine; and am waiting until they perfect the technique already accomplished of growing brain cells and integrating them with computer chips.  I'm all for cloning and  nano-technology.  I need more ram.  

This site is designed by me and is intended to show the microcomputer applications YOU CAN DO if you pay attention in classes, open your mind to exploration of new ideas and concepts, use critical thinking skills and have the heart and drive to simply show the world what YOU can do and who YOU are!  

Who are YOU?

Are you are writer but can't get published?  Are you a photographer but can't sell your pics?  Are you a musician but can't get a gig or recording contract?  Are you a sculptor but can't get your pieces seen?  Are you a gamer with a new play?  Are you a dancer with a new twist?  Are you a dreamer who wants to build a new virtual reality?  The microcomputer is the tool you can use to help realize all your dreams, aspirations and desires by making yourself visible in the new communication medium of the human species, the WWW.


As with all tools, there's attachments.  The software is the medium you must master to achieve your goals and the key to understanding software operation is learning HOW to read a menu system.  By studying the different menus in a variety of programs one can notice, and take advantage of, the many similarities among many of them.  One can also notice the differences and infer operational characteristics by making educated guesses as to functionality of menu choices based on the presumed operational capabilities of the program itself.  In your education you must also learn to recognize the differences between all the different types of tools there are, along with an understanding of using all the associated attachments for that particular and specialized tool.  The real key is to 'see' that whatever is on your screen as an object with a variety and multitude of properties that differ from object to object and also as to what particular state of being that particular object is in.

As you will see throughout this site as it develops, I will try to bring to you ( as time permits ) nifty techniques that make sure YOUR image that YOU present to the Universe is as diverse, dynamic, delightful, and as useful as you are.

May the Universe grant you the ability to find the joy inherent in every heartbeat. 

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Update July 25, 2007:


For general information about my health I have had a minor stroke on Labor Day 2005, two months later in early November 2005 I again had open heart surgery and had the plastic valves removed because of internal bleeding issues.  They only replaced the plastic valves with cadaver valves and left the plastic ascending stint.  So now I'm a walking talking partial Cyborg-Zombie. After another month long stint of internal bleeding from April 15, 2007 to May 12, 2007 I have come once more back from that great "In-Between".  Seems no matter how often I visit the place...the "CREATOR/CARETAKER" won't let me stay and move on.  Seems I should keep on trying to expand the simple Brutal Truth that ALL humans on Earth should come to know...with CERTAINTY...that we have NEVER been alone in the Universe.


More later.


Updated 3-14-2008


First you should know that I am married to a wonderful wife named Marilyn who unfortunately had a stroke in November 1998 and is paralyzed completely down her right side.  She spends most of her time in her wheelchair and bed.  Getting her around in difficult for me since I am disabled also from the things mentioned above.  So we are both basically home-bound and do the best we can on a fixed income.  We both worry about the state of the country and the planet in general.  With Eliot Spitzer's recent fall from being a political hypocrite it doesn't give us much hope that ANY politicians REALLY have the interests of people like us at heart.   We are spending 3 Trillion dollars on a war in Iraq we were lied into and took our eye off the ball and real issue which was radical Islamics in Afghanistan.  We are also fed up with the mainstream media where they recently enjoyed a party where King Georgie Jr. made fun of ALL his blunders through his administration with callousness the made a mockery of the victims of Katrina, the American dead and wounded in Iraq, the dead and wounded Iraqi people, and his administrations refusal to follow the law and act like a dictator who needs to answer to no one.  And the MEDIA who are our last line of defense when the country is taken over by lunatics has let us down.  Also the Military Leadership has let us down by allowing the President to continue going through commander after commander until he gets one who will carry out his insane orders.  He should not only be impeached but also investigated by the military itself as stated here:


I have to give credit to the local government agencies who without their help we would be homeless and likely dead.   The people have been kind, considerate and assisting to give us everything we qualified for.  I KNOW there are many people who say that these agencies do NOT help you.  This I have come to believe by talking with the workers who helped us and continue to help us stems from people who apply for public assistance attempt to mislead or hide assets, money, or other things of importance from the beginning.  This is NOT the way to seek help.  One MUST be truthful and polite with everyone involved and go through the entire process, even if it means appealing decisions. 

You have only the rights you are willing to honestly and openly fight for in full disclosure.

I have found that when you do THAT...help comes.  While it isn't enough, THAT part is the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT's fault with this out of control spending in campaigns of stealing other countries as our own fiefs. It is also why we are in such an economic mess right now and why so many people in the world hate the American policies.

Well enough about that, it's about 5 AM here and I am tired and need to lie down and sleep.

Thank you for visiting my site and if you wish to leave comments my blog link is above and my email is on the main page.


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