How to achieve CATS

( Cheap Access To Space )


Humanity has been stuck in LEO ( Low Earth Orbit ) going round and round in 'tin-cans' while sending billion dollar 'tonka-trucks' to various places like Mars, a place for which we loose more than 2/3 of ALL missions publicly sent to the planet.  Supposedly the reason we haven't been back to the Moon, or pushed on to land humanity on Mars; has been the lack of funding...its the money stupid.  So we've been led to believe through the years.


Space Property Protocol to the Unidroit Convention on International Interests in Mobile Equipment  provides funding based on the designed end product giving industry the money to build the hardware-collateral the loan is actually for. 

 Russia has commercialized its Space Program and has chalked up another Space first.  From the first human made object in Space in the modern era, the first man, woman, station, Moon satellite, Moon robotic landing, and the first to perform my ultimate dream…the first tethered Space Walk.  Now they have the first Space tourist.  China is about to join the group with its ability to put humans and hardware into orbit, on their own.  They are NOT part of ISiS now.  Being the colossal commercial market that it is, do Americans really think they won’t be making money out there?  America NEEDS its OWN version of these agencies to better compete in the huge marketplace Space is to become.  It is past time NASA was NOT the only game in town because NASA isn’t allowed to MAKE MONEY.  PARCA can, legally.

PARC has a unique and crucial relationship with our government.

 Imagine having a first rate closed Air Force Base that the Pentagon did NOT want to close.  A flight line in excellent shape, and is long enough to land the current Space Shuttle, that has recently installed a modern fuel farm to service transports of all kinds.  The land, sea, and air transport capabilities for large scale commercial activity and the atmosphere that not only encourages commercial activity, but excels in providing the TOPS in ‘atmosphere’ for that commercialization.  Plattsburgh was ranked 5th in “America’s Top 100 Small Towns for Corporate Facilities” survey done by Site Selection magazine.  We mean business here.  We are also are about to get a brand new upgraded and modernized border crossing with Canada, which is a mere 20 minutes by road from the flight line. 

Plattsburgh Air base Redevelopment Corporation ( PARC ) is an entity created to handle the commercialization of the facilities the government left behind.  By creating another agency under the umbrella of PARC, the ‘partial’ declassification of America’s TRUE CATS capabilities can be utilized for commercial profit that can benefit taxpayers.  By forming Plattsburgh Aerospace Resource Commercialization Agency ( PARCA ), funding could be obtained currently through the Space Property Protocol to the Unidroit Convention on International Interests in Mobile Equipment, which makes it possible for companies to get loans that use the actual spacecraft as collateral.  There of course would be opportunities for funding through venture capital and stock of the prime contractors that the Defense Department had used to actually build the crafts, equipment, or other material.  By forming an additional partnership with the Defense Department that PARC itself ALREADY HAS, PARCA could rent access to orbit and back for its companies that form the consortium and their customers.  In this manner, at least initially, the ‘how engineering details’ of the technology that accomplishes CATS could remain under DOD provenance.  With inflatable habitat technology already developed commercialized and new ideas having a market to work for, LEO could be for ANYONE, finally.

 We have an anti-gravity squadron:

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The following is more evidence our military contractors have the technology to get us into orbit safely, quickly, inexpensively and repeatedly.


The U.S. Antigravity Squadron

by Paul A. LaViolette, Ph.D.



Electrogravitic (antigravity) technology, under development in U.S. Air Force black R&D programs since late 1954, may now have been put to practical use in the B-2 Advanced Technology Bomber to provide an exotic auxiliary mode of propulsion. This inference is based on the recent disclosure that the B-2 charges both its wing leading edge and jet exhaust stream to a high voltage. Positive ions emitted from its wing leading edge would produce a positively charged parabolic ion sheath ahead of the craft while negative ions injected into it's exhaust stream would set up a trailing negative space charge with a potential difference in excess of 15 million volts. According to electrogravitic research carried out by physicist T. Townsend Brown, such a differential space charge would set up an artificial gravity field that would induce a reactionless force on the aircraft in the direction of the positive pole. An electrogravitic drive of this sort could allow the B-2 to function with over-unity propulsion efficiency when cruising at supersonic velocities.


For many years rumors circulated that the U.S. was secretly developing a highly advanced, radar-evading aircraft. Rumor turned to reality in November of 1988, when the Air Force unveiled the B-2 Advanced Technology Bomber. Although military spokesmen provided the news media with some information about the craft's outward design, and low radar and infrared profile, there was much they were silent about. However, several years later, some key secrets about the B-2 were leaked to the press. On March 9, 1992, "Aviation Week and Space Technology" magazine made a surprising disclosure that the B-2 electrostatically charges its exhaust stream and the leading edges of its wing-like body.(1) Those familiar with the electrogravitics research of American physicist T. Townsend Brown will quickly realize that this is tantamount to stating that the B-2 is able to function as an antigravity aircraft.

"Aviation Week" obtained their information about the B-2 from a small group of renegade west coast scientists and engineers who were formerly associated with black research projects. In making these disclosures, these scientists broke a code of silence that rivals the Mafia's. They took the risk because they felt that it was important for economic reasons that efforts be made to declassify certain black technologies for commercial use. Two of these individuals said that their civil rights had been blatantly abused (in the name of security) either to keep them quiet or to prevent them from leaving the tightly controlled black R&D community.

Several months after "Aviation Week" published the article, black world security personnel went into high gear. That sector of the black R&D community received VERY STRONG warnings and, as a result, the group of scientists subsequently broke off contact with the magazine. Clearly, the overseers of black R&D programs were substantially concerned about the information leaks that had come out in that article.

To completely understand the significance of what was said about the B-2, one must first become familiar with Brown's work. Beginning in the mid 1920's, Townsend Brown discovered that it is possible to create an artificial gravity field by charging an electrical capacitor to a high-voltage.(2) He specially built a capacitor which utilized a heavy, high charge-accumulating (high K-factor) dielectric material between its plates and found that when charges with between 70,000 to 300,000 volts, it would move in the direction of its positive pole. When oriented with its positive side up, it would proceed to lose about 1 percent of it's weight. (3, 4) He attributed this motion to an electrostatically-induced gravity field acting between the capacitor's oppositely charged plates. By 1958, he had succeeded in developing a 15 inch diameter model saucer that could lift over 110% of its weight!(5) Brown's experiments had launched a new field of investigation which came to be known as electrogravitics, the technology of controlling gravity through the use of high-voltage electric charge.


The research has been done and the hardware has been built.  It's time to partially declassify this technology, in light of recent spy scandals, so that AMERICANS can benefit directly and expand the human horizon into the Outer Space of our Universe.  In so doing, we must come to realize that humanity, in this vast Universe is NOT:

1. All alone
2. On a flat Earth
3. At the center of the Universe
4. As it revolves around us
5. Riding on the back of a giant turtle

The first thing humanity must do is to learn to compete over something other than a barrel of a gun.  Human discourse must replace human destruction. And we must come to accept what our government was 'somewhat' trying to tell us in 1953 when endorsing Maj. Donald Keyhoe's efforts and the remarkable letter from our government in 1953 that they admitted UFO's were likely ETs!

It is long past time for main-stream science, education, government and media to begin treating the truth as simply facts which must be acknowledged as to be true. We must take three major elements of this phenomenon out of the loop and let the facts speak for themselves. Each individual must come to their own terms for their own experiences in real-life. 

But real it must be. 

We need to first remove the 'giggle-factor' from alien intelligence discussions. The "Are we alone?" question may be the most egotistical question we have asked throughout time. Our own Earth is filled with life of trillions-upon-trillions of types and numbers. Should Space be any different? What if life, is really, in reality, completely ubiquitous. It's Everywhere! As we are surrounded by less-intelligent life here on Earth, is it really so funny to think that there might be more intelligent life elsewhere? Second, we must move away from the "Cowboy M.I.B. Mentality" It is unfortunate that this type of thinking has really dominated the group of beings who control the vehicles and resources. It allows them full control over dissemination of nearly all information and a lock on all benefits that can be acquired or derived from using that information and access to those resources. Mikhail Vasin and Alexander Shcherbakov were leading Soviet scientists who have seriously put forth the 'hollow-moon' theory. It is the only theory that fully accounts for all the strange seismic, photographic, and personal evidence returned from the various lunar missions in the 60' and early 70's. If we are about to get images with 3 foot resolution of the entire Martian surface; I ask the entire world why we do not have access to those same resolution images of 'our' own moon? Maybe we haven't been back to the moon because it's already occupied and the present owners aren't leasing any acreage or allowing live-tv rovers just yet.  I urge you to investigate The DisclosureProject where more than 450 DOD, NASA Astronauts, NSA, CIA, FBI, Air Force, Marines, Navy, Army, police, firemen and many other respected heroes coming forth under oath testifying to the validity of the phenomenon of intelligently controlled antigravity physical machines tracked on radar at speeds in excess of 7,000 MPH.   There is only one registered political action committee, X-ppac,  for the purpose of lobbying congress on these issues. Third, we must also remove the "Aliens Are Angels / Devils" influence to a more reasoned approach to spirituality based on love not hate. With love, tolerance is a strong component in the building block of a forgiving heart. As racism is an ugly manifestation of hate for what-ever is different; xenophobia cannot become human-kind's legacy to the stars.

There is evidence out there that we are not, nor have we ever been alone in the Universe. The big question is really how will we all collectively react to the news we have never been alone? The truth has always been in front of us, we were just led to not believe it, fear it, or to giggle at it.  There is growing evidence we have finally grown up to at least have some of us become fascinated and curious by it.

It is past time humanity took good stock of itself from a real hard look into our mirrors and realized that our similarities are more precious to us than our differences.  We need to begin to believe in our ability to forgive and practice tolerance in our daily interactions to build a solid foundation from which we can begin to dream of interacting with other species, much less other races among them and ourselves.  

But we MUST do that in TRUTH!


Let's taunt a Billionaire to Mars ! ! ! Beats Begging.

Think out there act down here... NOW ! ! ! Have YOU ??

Give a High School kid a reason to care...a spacewalk. 
Teach 'em a lesson in teamwork.
Teach 'em a lesson in humanity.

Let's all go to Space ! ! !

America Inc. - a plan for the re-financing of governmental operations.

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August 20, 2001

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