Mars Recent News - 1st day of Summer 1999

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    This page will take some time to fully download all the images I have gathered from the 10 CD set and past web pages of the Mars Global Surveyor's (MGS) Mars Orbital Camera's (MOC) investigators and operators.  These two groups are not the same.  The investigators are led by Malin Space Science Systems' CEO Dr. Mike Malin and the operators are the folks at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, technically a part of Caltech but under contract to NASA for nearly all deep spacecraft operations.  The 10 CD set of images before the official mapping mission began in March of 1999 was more than 6 months past the deadline since the last image in the released sequence was taken.   All images are required and agreed to by all parties, and stated in official NASA release documents; are to be released after 6 months ( so some images in the CD set were nearly 18 months late in being released).  Special images of public interest, such as the Viking, Pathfinder, and the Cydonia plains were to be released within 7 days.   NASA, JPL and MSSS have not completely, in actuality and in fact, nor in the spirit of their release policy; lived up to it. 

    These people do excellent work in acquiring startling, profound and beautiful images and other data of worlds we would not otherwise see.  It is only human to be somewhat selfish in protection and pride in their accomplishments and the results of their hard effort and commitment to extending the human senses beyond the limits of our puny ball of rock to examine the wondrous cosmos around us.  I applaud their dedication, their intelligence and passion for their work.  But I must take exception to the seed of selfishness which tends to restrict access to these wonders to the rest of us cosmologists who also wonder about the cosmos around us.   We too question who we are, where we might have come from, and maybe most exciting of all, where might we be going?  We need to see the Universe through their talent; we pay for the endeavors that they take upon our behalf and at our behest through funding from taxes we all pay.  We only ask a reasonable common sense request that we be included in knowing what the instruments show without delay, censorship, skewed flavors or partial revelations of what is really there.  As I have stated before, reality must be truthful to be useful.  The Pathfinder data was being released on a continuous daily basis, the MOC data release since full mapping began in March 1999 until June 21 1999 the first day of summer, has been 2 images per week from a spacecraft making 12 full orbits in one Earth day, acquiring more than 100 images each orbit in a continuous data stream through the high-gain antenna.  That gets into the tens of thousands of images already acquired.  How much trouble would it be to copy all the raw data files and mirror them for download by the educators of this country who want to bring the excitement of space into the classroom? I would also respectfully request again that beside NasaView software now released, that the VICAR software used to decode the images also be released for educational use.  We must help prepare the next generation of scientific and cosmic explorers and I find that, right now, NASA is hampering that effort in respect to studying the most recent and exciting image data being acquired about Mars.   I humbly request anyone who cares to know the Truth of what is on Mars sooner rather than later become active in that pursuit by not only emailing NASA, VP Al Gore, Pres. Clinton, but in your locality as well.  Because whether you believe or not, facts are, Mars will play an enormous role in our development in the next century and we must educate ourselves with the Truth as soon as possible.

    The images that are loading right now are the most startling, intriguing, and interesting images that I found in going through each image from the CD set.  Like all human efforts there are 'errata' , as the JPL folks like to call 'em, in the 10 CDs that NASA released in March 1999.  Those that they found are listed on each CD in an errata file.  I have found a few more.  Having emailed most of these to the appropriate people, ( and getting a nice thanx in reply ), I now pass all the new errata I have found in the set:  (From MGS MOC CD 8: all original img files are missing from orbit folder 2433 although low-res jpgs are available; 246701.img is missing, 247004.jpg does not correspond to 247004.img, all the following imgs NASAView fails to open,244904,244905,245005,245204,245206,245304,245305, and 245404.imgs) (From MGS MOC CD 9: NASAView fails to open 250206.img and 252105.img) (From MGS MOC CD 5: 126503.img is missing) (From MGS MOC CD 4: 121402.img closes out NASAView and 122703.img is   missing.)  (From MGS MOC CD 6: 234702.img is missing and 234704.img closes out NASAView, 234903.img has way too many vertical lines and needs the VICAR software, currently unavailable from NASA.) 

    As stated by Dr. Malin, these images have not been corrected for orientation and ortho projection onto a sphere.  However, after viewing raw images not ortho'd and those that are, I have found only minor differences; major features are still there, only a few degrees skewed one way or another. That is why I am confident that the following images are worth not only a closer look by the MOC, but also targeted for high-resolution laser altimeter readings with the MOLA which can discern heights as little as 5 feet!  You should view images with a paint program for best resolution and for zooming-in to view features in a close-up view.  Browsers used to view internet files currently do not have that wonderful capability, maybe one day they will. At the date of this page's posting a special stereo-mapping imaging sequence has been completed.   Not a single stereo result from this month-long phase has been released to us.   Why not? 

        In this initial review of the images below, I shall begin with 1 image from the second Cydonia image taken in April 1998, more than a year from this writing ( You can view the Face and other features in the What's been on Mars? section of this website).  In that time, I have posted this image on my website and tried to promote inquiry into this area by the national and local news media; national and local politicians and fellow academics.  I have even tried, and somewhat succeeded in drawing fellow researchers of the Mars Face and other Cydonia researchers to this unique feature.  This huge page you are now looking at is one more attempt to draw attention to a SMOKING PYRAMID! The proof is right there in front of your eyes.   We've never been alone.

    In the following image 'smoke' or other 'cloud-like' material is clearly seen coming from the hole in the side of a pyramid shaped hill.  This hill also has an even width ledge running down two sides to form a 90 degree angle near the bottom middle of the image.  The vent hole itself is extended like a ledge and the entire hole is set flush with the sloping sides of the pyramid.  If studied in a zoomed-in view from a paint program one can easily discern sharp pixelation definition of the left, bottom and lower right portion of the vent hole and below.  The area downwind of the hole has hazy, smudged and indistinct pixelation and blending indicating an airborne 'cloud' of some type and composition.  Below this image is what actual clouds or 'flowing dust' looks like on Mars in a clear random pattern over a crater rim.   The cloud from the vent in the Smoking Pyramid is clearly not random and is in fact, originating from that vent!!!


my_nasa_Image14-vapor_exhaust.gif (112747 bytes)

sp245803_top_wind-in-action.jpg (324261 bytes)


    The biggest question 'regular' scientists are asking is if there is water on Mars, and then is there life?  It took 3 decades from the Apollo Lunar expeditions for 'regular' scientists to recognize through Lunar Prospector (with no image camera) that water was really there in large quantities as they originally found out in small amounts from samples brought back.  Why should Mars be any different?   I'll tell you why.  We shouldn't have to wait another 3 decades to find out about Mars as we did the Moon.  The dark area in the crater in the following image has been suggested to have been formed by water seepage by Dr. Malin.  He may be right.  Remember that though the average air temperature is below freezing, surface temperatures can commonly reach 70 degrees Fahrenheit as measured by the Mars Pathfinder mission in July 1997.  This may not be just darkened material, but wet material!

msss_7707rel_seepage_real_water.gif (1106151 bytes)


    Could the inside of this crater below serve as a likely spot for moisture to settle and condense into the soil?  This darkened material doesn't seem to scatter much with wind action as with other material.  It seems to have a liquidy and flowing consistency that is truly puzzling, even to the scientists.

sp124105_blackstuff_crater.jpg (25806 bytes)

    The following image looks as if the crater got a bit too full and some spilled over the side!  The vertical lines in this image need the VICAR software NASA uses to fine-tune these images and expand instrument-induced lines.   NASA has yet to allow educational usage of this software.  But these flowing dark streaks of material are clearly wind-borne and have the same effect on the underlying surface as water on sand.  Water is in the wind here on Earth, we call it humidity, unless it gets together with more and becomes clouds then rain. 

sp233806_black_h2o_crater.jpg (9203 bytes)


    Another dark flow:

126303_blackslide.jpg (23551 bytes)


    Here is a real fresh flow not faded at all:

sp124205_fresh_black_streaks.jpg (11625 bytes)


    The image below is final proof that whatever these streaks are, they are wind-borne and not gravity induced slides of material. All, of at least 3 major hills have flows only on the left side of the image below and NONE on the right side. Please note that the parallel lines in the images are instrument-induced and also require the VICAR.

126204_black_slides_windproof.jpg (199066 bytes)


       There are areas of Mars that are made of some type of dark material.  While not found near the above sites, these areas also have interesting patterns from light material.  The image below has some interesting dark domes and white (snow?) covered ridges.

sp254005_dark_white_materials.jpg (37041 bytes)


More interesting dark areas with light highlights:

10705_darkmat_whitedunes.jpg (78238 bytes)

    An area full of settled light colored material:

126005_white_snow.jpg (151785 bytes)


    With all this combination and collection of materials of differing types, compositions and characteristics, Cydonia is definitely not the only place Mars has that is both interesting and geometrically precise in form.  Look below:

238403_pyramid.jpg (69318 bytes)

    From another pyramid to a home plate run at the bottom of a crater!

sp124106_home_plate.jpg (6818 bytes)


    On Mars you better mind your P's & Q's there's a Goliath that leaves a big heel mark!

sp124003_boot_heel.jpg (20253 bytes)


    The next few images are from an area I have called the 'Mushroom Encampment'.  If I can make-up a mineral called Maragonite for my Dap 522 Intermediate Data Processing class, then I guess I can make-up names for these, as yet, unnamed places on Mars.  The first image shows the main mushroom rising directly from the surrounding terrain.  It is not surrounded by an evenly spaced pit as the other features are. 

253104_mushroom_encampment.jpg (41829 bytes)


    This whole area is full of these interesting depressions that surround these most interesting features rising from the center of those depressions.  There are several coherent geometric shapes, and who really knows what a Martian house may actually look like?

253104_mushroom_encampment_2nd.jpg (25655 bytes)

    Another section of the same image:

253104_interesting_encampment.jpg (59961 bytes)


    Here is a high thin walled feature made from some type of material clearly different from the surrounding terrain. 

09705_high_thin_wall_crater_feature.jpg (81202 bytes)


    Below is the Yin-Yang feature also presented in the What's been on Mars section but is repeated here because I now have access to the entire image the original release by Dr. Malin was taken from.  When he released the next image below he did not also release the entire image of the entire area.  As I suspected back then in 1998, there would probably be other features in this area which would be interesting to look at and speculate about.  I can now bring you all the interesting areas near the Martian Yin-Yang:

10004_yin-yang.jpg (36284 bytes)


Here is another interesting area in the same image:

10004_near_yin-yang_moreoddthings.jpg (32946 bytes)


    And 1 more:

10004_near_yin-yang_moreoddthings2.jpg (115709 bytes)


    An interesting phenomenon is shown by the next image featuring triangular wedges of dunes of dark material. These wedges are found in a few images near the North Pole areas.

249504_flying_wedgies.jpg (22567 bytes)


    It is clear and conceded by scientists that water was once very prevalent and flowed openly and freely on the surface at one time. That visual evidence they find they can believe.  Below is an example where smoothed hills have been formed by flowing water.  But in this image I want you to take a close look at the hexagon shaped elevated platform in the upper left portion of the image.    Interesting isn't it?  Why wasn't it rounded down like the others?

246904_plain_round_octo-jetty.jpg (133146 bytes)


    Below is an image from the original Cydonia set take April 1999 viewing a rounded hillock with equidistant spoke-like features and not the smooth randomness above.  Remember, who knows what a Martian's house may look like?

closeup2_cydonia_egg_stretch_sp240503.jpg (7620 bytes)

    The Image below shows more wind-driven features as white material is being blown downwind from the crater.

sp124706_crater_white_exhaust.jpg (6840 bytes)


    The two images below are very interesting and may, repeat may, provide more SMOKING PROOF that there is some type of current activity below the surface of Mars that is releasing some type of material into the atmosphere in real-time, like happening now man.  I say maybe on the next two images below because they have not been ortho'd, contrast enhanced, and colorized via the software NASA has to do this.   However, it is clear that there are two holes in what appears to be the side of a ravine and the surrounding area to the right and downward appears diffuse again as if there was a haze over the surface.  Other areas are clear and crisp and also maybe happen to be higher in elevation it appears.  Again with the maybe because like the Cydonia Smoking Pyramid a real good look would require co-ordinated targeting by the MOC and MOLA teams to combine their highest possible resolution data into true 3-D models of these two areas.  For if these two areas are in fact, spewing forth some type of gas, from whatever process, it is of huge scientific and human interest and opportunity, and of course excitement.

closeup3vents_at2-1_stretch_sp240503.jpg (9797 bytes)


Here is a closer zoomed view:

closeup1vents_stretch_sp240503.jpg (2134 bytes)


    In the What's been on Mars section of this site I also point out three identically shaped craters that form a right angle triangle.  While Mars is potted with volcanic and cosmic-induced craters, there are very few instances where 3 craters, of the same type and shape, form a triangle.  I found two more outside Cydonia:

250006_more_odd_3_crater_grouping.jpg (112371 bytes)

249503_funny_middle_crater_triangles.jpg (56578 bytes)


    Nearing the end of this major update to my site, I would like to draw everyone's attention back to the question of flowing water.  Up until the early 1960's scientists and the public thought Mars might be inhabited, had canals that carried flowing water from the poles with the seasons, and the surface features would change color with the flowing and diverse paths the canals made on the surface.  These observations were recorded by the top scientists using telescopes still in use today; these ideas were considered main-stream thought.  But, since the space age truly began and humans began to acquire the ability to leave our ball of rock, the Mars picture suddenly changed and we were led to believe it was a dead world, cold, inhospitable, and deadly to unprotected human life forms.  The educational institutions followed lock-step and taught that Mars was a dead world, definitely had a lot of water at some point and maybe life; but dead and lifeless now.  Now why would that be?  Below are two images where there are dunes made only in the very low areas of the terrain imaged.  The dunes are of the type, and in the location where, one might expect to find dunes made by gently lapping pools of water.  Similar to those found at the edges where water is 1-2 feet or less as it meets the beaches here on Earth.   Check out those tiny ridges under your toes the next time you go wading and think about these Mars pics:

250704_duned_grabens.jpg (43223 bytes)


    250703_odd_dune_layout.jpg (35704 bytes)


    At the end of this page I profoundly thank you for visiting my site and viewing this page in particular.  Mars is a much more alive and interesting place than we have been lately led to believe.  As the new millennium approaches I find humanity growing painfully slow in tolerance for each other's differences and I am supremely afraid that if the Truth about our neighborhood is not shared openly, then humanity's only contribution to a solar society would be xenophobia and slowly disintegrating spacecraft from a species who couldn't act together in trust and openness.

    Once again here at the end, I encourage you to petition in any and in every way you can to see that areas like Cydonia are imaged extensively immediately and the data released upon its acquisition.  If there's nothing to hide, then why is NASA not sharing the data as promised?  I hope you also visit the What's been on the Moon and other areas for seeing the 4 pyramids on our Moon's North Pole.   In closing,  Dr.Malin gave us his Mars funny face and heart.  In similar spirit I would like to close with the wheel we are being steered by a bug-eyed face with a grimacing mouth.

07404_wheel.jpg (2257 bytes)

02403_nother_hahaface.jpg (2920 bytes)

P.S. area:

June 25,1999: Dr. Malin has released 1 Stereo 3-D image from that 2 month-long science phase.  Magnetometer and Altimeter data released showing anomalous readings.

July 1, 1999 I have discovered that all data from SPO2-496 and SPO2-497 are missing from the CD set, another errata. I have obtained at least 2 images titled sp249603 and sp249705 whose parameters indicate they were taken in the second science phase on orbits 496 and 497 and were the 3rd and 5th in a series, respectively. Both were of the Cydonia area and were not posted or released in accordance with policy concerning areas of public interest.  Once again, the stated policy is clearly not being followed in a timely manner even though the images are now finally released.

July 2, 1999 Dr. Malin released an amazing sequence of images in an animated gif showing 5 mile high cyclones of swirling dust and material popping up and fading on the Martian surface. Excellent work at melding the images together to produce a stunning view of these fantastic storms.  This bodes forbidding news to future human explorers who will have to face these dangerous storms.  We should still go as soon as possible, but we may want to design our habitats so that they could be buried under the surface and thus be protected against these, and other large sweeping storms. 

July 8, 1999 Today an article about me and this pursuit of the truth being released was published by the Plattsburgh PressRepublican, my hometown newspaper.  I have scanned and include it here for your viewing.  The article unfortunately did not give my website address, and misquoted me on the frequency of images and their releases.  As anyone who has been checking knows, it has been only 2 images released per week.  My website address was released the next day along with NASA's and Dr. Mike Malin's site.  I certainly want to thank Jeff and the paper for an excellent article that is otherwise correct in all facts and in tone.  They deserve special thanks for taking the subject seriously, and presenting it in that manner.  Also today some interesting synchronicity of events in the Cydonia debate on the web.  Dr. Malin released 1 more high-resolution image of the Cydonia area along with another wide-angle view of the area.   Dr. Mark Carlotto issued a view on the Cydonia imaging question on his website, which was mirrored by Prof. Stanley McDaniel.  Interesting? You betcha!

July 28,1999 Prof. McDaniel and his fellows have calculated that the MGS will pass directly over the Mars Face twice more this year in August and November.  Will we see any images?  Will Dr. Malin and NASA take these opportunities to seriously investigate this feature?  Extraordinary artifacts require extraordinary investigations.  While I do not go as far as to describe NASA and Dr. Malin's actions as treasonous as others have done, it is still true that they have not done all they can to target the area and to release all the images in accordance with their own stated release policy.  From the above July 8 image, I am sure that other images of Cydonia were taken, where are they?  How am I sure?  If you check out the 10 CD set completely you will see that on every orbit, at least 3 high-res images were captured of the targeted area.  As mapping began, image acquisitions per orbit rose substantially; yet only 1 image was released from the July 8 pass over Cydonia.   Again, where are the rest.  Stated policy is that ALL images of Cydonia, Pathfinder and Viking are to be released immediately.  It is simply not being done.

August 23, 1999  Dr. Malin was on NBC Sunday Night News on August 15,1999 showing his 2 animated gifs of the 5 mile high cyclones and the huge North Polar Dust Storm, both acquired with the wide-angle camera.  He still has not released any more new Cydonia images from the July 8 release orbit.  In 3 days the MOC will be directly over the face once more.  Will we get more images? Will they be released?  How many will there be? We'll see soon.

September 9, 1999 Well Dr. Malin disappointed many of us again as he has not only NOT released any more Cydonia images but instead released another wide-angle view of his 'Happy Face Crater' in a childish and perverse attempt at drawing attention away from Cydonia.  In recent emails I have sent I point out that we as taxpayers have a right to expect better behavior from scientists who use our tax dollars in their research.   Maybe what we should do is, like CAUS  (--broken link 7/31/2007) (see Bob's Links page), is to SUE NASA to exclude Malin from working on any other NASA project if his behavior is so childish and petulant as he has shown recently.  I once again urge everyone to write, email, call or otherwise contact public officials and news media about the Cydonia issue and NASA's non-handling of the matter.

Soooo stay tuned and come back here often because, once again, life happens and you should know about it!


Visit Mr. Robert Clark's investigation into water on mars: Temporarily Click HERE--broken 7/31/2007



January 10, 2002

In going through a major update to this site since August of 2001 I ran across a bunch of Mars images I thought had been removed when I deleted the Mars Art Galleries.  When at CCC I had 3 galleries with thumbnails leading to artistically or anomalously interesting images.  I of course don't have a faculty website anymore and had to drop the galleries as free sites have a limited amount of webspace available. 

Anyhooo since I found this page sitting unlinked...I have re-linked it to a main page question.

One of the more interesting updates concerning any of the above images is the image sp233806_black_h2o_crater.jpg .

This image I had posted on that 1st day of summer in 1999 and it now appears that those stains may very well be water!!!  Liquid water!!!  --broken 7/31/2007

The above link goes to a site whose folks did a scientific paper presented at the 4th Annual Mars Society Convention at Stanford University on August 24th, 2001!

It seems that the seep images are in a specific band around the planet and all indications are, it is liquid water.  Learning how to find and look at the scientific data from our space probes can also let YOU in on the interesting and wonderfully enigmatic discoveries that remain to be seen on Mars.  

However, we must be ever vigilant that the data is released to the public as promised.  As the DAWGS essay shows, this is NOT always true.

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