Mars' Topographical Art

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Sept 4, 2002

I have gotten my own domain name and greater server space so the Mars Art Galleries are back.  Each gallery has a page of thumbnails and then you can click for the larger version of the image.  Image numbers are part of the file name and those that I have included PURELY for their artistic qualities have "art" in the file name too.   Images where I think anomalies exist that 'might' have some artificiality to them do NOT have "art" in the file name.  In this section "art' truly does mean what it says, art.

With the THEMIS camera now in orbit, I would love to dearly include some images from those releases as well.  Sadly though, they have YET to release ANY visible true color images from ANYWHERE on the planet despite more than 6 months of science and nearing 3 weeks late on releasing the first data dump according to their stated public policies.   Well, even though politics is an art unto itself, my intention is NOT to get deep into the sad muddy quagmire that these politics are in this section tonight.  I am just trying to get the Art Galleries back up for folks to see that even though we are STILL only getting more and more of Monica Mars ( In Black n White), there ARE beautiful places on the planet in that have an artistic quality in of themselves in that medium.   Sadly THEMIS seems incapable of finding any of these in the VISIBLE COLOR spectrum despite having the BEST color orbital camera sent there in more than a quarter century.

Please use these new links for 2002:

Mars Art Gallery 1

Mars Art Gallery 2

Mars Art Gallery 3


Hope you enjoy the images.  I also hope to be able to add more soon...and COLOR ones from THEMIS???


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ACTIONS speak louder than words.
ACTIONS are PROOF of intent.
ACTIONS are the final judgment of character.

It REALLY is that simple.

Let's taunt a Billionaire to Mars ! ! ! Beats Begging.
Think out there act down here... NOW ! ! ! Have YOU ??
Give a High School kid a reason to care...a spacewalk.
Teach 'em a lesson in teamwork.
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May 2001:

Unfortunately the Art Galleries had to go.

There is only so much space I have and I need it for other things right now.  Hopefully things will work out soon for more space.

Sorry for the trouble, but the REAL blame of course, lies RIGHT HERE !


While at CCC:

More than 60% of ALL Earth human missions to Mars have failed in some manner.  --broken 7/31/2007

Mars is the most intriguing planet for humans within our own solar system.  It is the one planet where NASA keeps hiding data from us consistently.  Maybe this is because it is the most haunted of planets.    It is the machine graveyard of the solar system.  There have been 35 spacecraft launched to date on January 1, 2001 at the dawn on the Aquarian Millennium.  There is only 1, the Japanese Nazomi (PlanetB) spacecraft currently en-route and whose current outcome is still pending.  Of the 34 missions left there have been 23 failures for a variety of reasons and only 11 successes; 8 from the United States and 3 from the Russians.  Russia has tried for Mars 18 times and the US has tried for the 'Red Planet' 14 times, again as of Jan 1, 2001.

But it has wondrous beautiful landscapes that are pleasing to look at, even in black and white.

The galleries below are some collections of thumbnails, which lead to regular sized images of the most artistically pleasing areas of the Martian landscape.  Enjoy:

Mars artistic gallery 1

Mars artistic gallery 2

Mars artistic gallery 3


Credit and appreciation for these images goes to:

1. YOU the American taxpayer, for without YOU, these other people would not be able to do this, and they do not (imho) give YOU credit enough for their paychecks and equipment.   So, THANK YOU !!!

2. The folks at NASA.  

3. The folks at JPL, who do all the controlling of nearly all spacecraft leaving Earth orbit.  And especially to the entire crew of the MGS spacecraft which has many more instruments and science besides the MOC!  I would wish however that commercial spacecraft  start giving us images of places other than Earth that any part of NASA has the legal power to not let us see.  And a special thanx to Kirk Goodall's MGS site  and who manages many different sites for JPL projects.  His replies and help has always been courteous and honestly responsive.

4. The folks at Malin Space Science Systems.  

5. The folks at USGS, Ms. Patty Garcia and crew for maintaining the MGS MOC repository.

6. Ron Schmidt and Bryan Brayton at CCC for overseeing the ftp'ing of data onto campus and the cutting of the CDs.  The staff at CCC and student body who have been supportive of my efforts to get this data out in the open where it rightfully belongs and to find a settlement to the Cydonia Face question once and for all while we have a working spacecraft capable of doing so.

7. Last, me for going through these images one by one to find you the most interesting and artistically pleasing ( at least imho ) ones I can with the spare time I can give the search.  But hey, ya know it's a big planet!  I may have missed a whole bunch so why don't you go see for yourself if YOU can find the next most interesting thing on Mars.  After all, its YOUR tax buck-a-roos.

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