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1996 Stonehenge Crop Circle

Crop Circles are real and they are not all made by 2 old geezers with a coat hanger, string and boards.  The valid enigmatic crop circles have real electro-magnetic properties not explained by conventional scientific theories.  Soil is changed at the microscopic and biological level.  The bend point of the individual stalks of the plant have been 'microwaved' with a plasma charge so that cellular changes are clearly seen under scientific analysis.  The patterns are geometrically precise down to the thinnest of circles, some only 2 inches across.  These are real, 'officially' unexplained enigmatic mysteries.  They are wonderful and beautiful.  They happen all over the world, but over 90% of them happen within a 60 mile radius of this place below. Some even have formed in the thinnest layer of snow over the thinnest coating of ice on ponds.



An Aerial shot of The Julia Set at Stonehenge. July1996 Colin Andrews         


 Stonehenge, Wiltshire. Reported 7th July.        

All Images by Stuart Dike 1996.  

Windmill Hill, Nr Yatesbury, Wiltshire. Reported 29th July.

The formation is a spiral with three arms consisting of 194 circles and this formation is


An aerial shot by Steve Alexander. 1996.



January 10, 2001:

Some updated super formations:


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