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Frank is a long-distance truck driver, whose first language is NOT English, who I have met through my new job and have found is story believable based on his personal testimony to me, and in my OWN experience when I once hit a deer late at night.  That same night 2 other folks hit another deer at the same spot, lost control of their vehicle, hit a telephone pole and one died.  The who, what, when, where, why and how of these 'coincidences' and 'interventions' of some 'mystical' phenomenon may not be able to be understood and measured with scientific precision, yet they exist and are real.  Their effects are measurable and real and profoundly personal.  Here is Frank's story.


Monday, September 09, 2002

Well i have to apologize , the first e-mail that you received was a mistake and should not have been send . The following is my recollection of the event on the 20 of August 2002 .

First i would like to mention once again that i am please to know you, and, if you would like to share my stories to anyone that will be interested, well feel free to do so. I have told this to friend over diner at my residence and the response did not coincide with the one i have anticipated . (Talking to the wrong people)

It is the 20 day of august at 22:20 the skies are clear my direction is south on Interstate 81 mile post 159 in Pennsylvania . The temperature out side is 62 degree.


My physical and mental condition was very awake since that my voyage only began a few hours ago .

At this particular location you don't see any civilization due to the environment, in other words its down hill about 3% in a very wooded area, due to my load witch only total 18,000 # my previous climb made it so all other truck was left behind. So now a was descending at about 85 MPH and no one on the road.

The median at this point is to wide and wooded so the visibility of all incoming traffic is virtually impossible.

The pressure on the structure or cab of my Peterbilt at this speed is literally deafening so my passenger and driver side windows were open only a few inches.

Here is a example of my equipment , i take all my qualification very seriously .

This is wen my story begins …My eyes were wandering looking at my instrument and mirrors and around me, wen something caught my eyes directly ahead at the far end of my head light , standing on the doted line was two silhouette one behind the other at about 3 4 or 5 feet or may be more at this speed there is not much maneuverability, and time is not on your side but i manage to swerve a little bit.

At that precise moment i heard a very loud bang or very similar to a tire blow out , i immediately turn the radio off and open all windows so i could hear any debris or anything wile i decelerated .

My heart was pounding, and my eyes were all over to see any fluctuation on my instrument wile i tried to maintain control of my equipment .

At about 2500 feet from the incident is a rest area, in witch i decided to pull in all do my speed was still to great, but manage to come to a full stop.

By then i was sure that i made contact with one of those man or kids.

My heart was pounding out of my chest and it took every thing i know to stay composed.

I proceeded out of my vehicle whit a flash light even if the lot was well lit . All of this took may be 45 sec to now . I started to investigate the damage and focusing on a tire, after completing a complete circle of my equipment , to my astonishment i could not find any damage , i was completely puzzled and thinking i must of it one of those and that was impossible, the bang was way to loud to have been nothing ,i figure i will look again .

This is wen i was standing in front of my truck preparing to open the hood, a truck was coming in the rest area in my direction at a speed way over a safe limit ,fast enough that it made me step back a few feet. With tire smoking it finally came to a stop .

The driver jump out of is cab on to the black top and fell to is knees, i pointed my flash light in is direction.

He was screaming something about is eyes

the mans face and T-shirt was full of blood it was like he was crying blood from is face and chest.

That wen he told me. I got it by something. I look quickly at is rig to realize that is windshield was not only shattered but perforated by something, the hole was at least 12 inches around , i told the man to stay put that i would phone the Highway patrol .

The man was a mess, but that was not the only thing in my mind.

I reach for my cellular to call, at the same time try to find were the point of impact was on my truck .

There it was directly above my head approximately 1 foot above and 1 foot to my left, the rock cause considerable damage to the top left rear of the cockpit, behind and in between the roof and the stack to finely stop on the sleeper cracking it.

Someone answered, wile i was giving the information to the dispatch and making my way to the man that was now siting on the step of the truck , a other truck pull in .

May be 5 or 6 minute have pass since the initial contact.

This other truck was it on the top of the sleeper , the rock made its way and puncture in the sleeper to land on the driver bed .

In all 5 trucks got hit and i was the first .

The most serious injury was the second truck .

30 minutes have pass, finally the Highway patrol arrived , followed by the paramedic, the rest area was a zoo jammed with cops, security, truck and their driver searching for the culprit . At one point someone i don't know told me a totally different story that the one that just occurred.

By the time i got around to give my statement to the srgt on duty i was 3rd , and it was now close to 23:45 omitting to disclosed the fact concerning the two silhouette.

Now that time as pass i still think about this event,

And deep down know that they where there, and if not i would of got that rock in a different location , may be one foot to the right and lower , the consequences would have been much different …


Your friend

François Lévesque


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