How others see brutal truth.

Section Start: 09/24/02


This section, like my What's happening in Bob's Classroom Section when I was teaching at CCC before I was fired over the NASA FOIA, will be about OTHER PEOPLE'S stories, works and efforts.  As a teacher I was readily cognizant that not everyone has access to the internet as readily as I do.  Also that even those with access to the World Wide Web do not have the resources to get their stories on-line so that they can share them with others with a quick email link in a private chat, private message or a mass emailing to a variety of folks depending on the issues of the stories being told.

One of the greatest 'gifts' I got as a teacher is the 'God Dollars' I got when students' eyes lit up with an inner fire when they finally 'got it' over something.   One of the most times that happened is when I had the month long assignment for them to design and build a 5 page website of their own choosing and they actually did it and could then post it themselves on various free hosting services that were around then.   I was the first and ONLY teacher requiring beginning computer students do this.   People love doing things about stuff that interest or have affected them in profound ways.  I want to continue to help people tell their stories to as wide an audience as possible.  That is what this section is really all about.

I ask that the story be BRUTAL must have happened, and it must have happened to or affected you in a profound and personal manner, and you must also, of course, want to freely share that with everyone and anyone else here.  On the main page is my email address to mail me your stories.  I do NOT promise to publish every one I get, but I will read and consider each one I do get to the best of my abilities and my time.  For those unaware, I have a real full-time job now that requires much time and effort and my wife is partially paralized which requires care and time also.  I will do my best to read and update these storied links as often as possible. 

I also want to point out to readers that many folks who will contribute may NOT be able to speak or write in English as well as others.  We are ALL individuals with each unique and enriching talents that will vary from person to person.  Just because something may not 'read' well to YOU, does not mean that the story is untrue, or that it does not read well to someone else from that same culture of the author.   After all, as I start this section there is a great debate in the world right now if American President George Bush Jr. should be the "Imperial World Leader" making War hither-n-dither in whatever places he wishes on a whim without so much as a by-your-leave to the United Nations or anyone else.  The entire human race is a diverse and multi-cultural living entity on its own and cannot function properly if ALL its parts are not used and considered with an equal and balanced viewpoint.

I want to thank Frank Levesque for the first story.  His page will be the template for other pages as well where I make a short comment then just copy n paste the story from the message sent:


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