Where is some of Bobs other artistic talents?


While I no longer have the hard drive space I once had at CCC, I still have room for some simple poetry, and I'll alternate some pictures from when I had my own darkroom.  As I mentioned in my classes, having your own website allows YOU to present your talents in a medium that is inexpensive, or free, to you; yet allows you the ability to showcase the gifts the Universe has given you.  

Here are some thoughts from across the holes of my mind and caught moments in time...


A Cold Night's Thoughts

A goal of patterned possibilities

A moment of inbetween

Anymore whens

As I grow older

Been done before

Children mimic us

Did you

Distant Train

Dumbed and numbed

Favor your neighbor

For Hillary's Visit

Hold each love

How we got to where we are

Hyperdimensional Poetry

I can feel the joy of my tears

I can't feel the joy of my tears

I want to go to Mars

I wonder why

In Cydonia On Mars In Stone

In the end even Jesus cried out in doubt n despair

It's what we're supposed to do

Let passion shine

Lets all move to the moon


Live because you can

Love in the river of moments

Mars guitar

Nurture the Seed

On solar winds the Cosmos rides

One more night of reality

Our future begins here

Prosperity is what freedom brings

Scramble Moon

Screamin in the Moonlight

Soul strength

Sun break

The center of your heart

The Continuing Refrain

The Ego you are

The Essence of My Humanity

The Martian Hermit

Think about better than this

Time Spheres

Truth of Reality

We are

We can learn all life means something

We have lost the capacity to care

We walked among the stars

What will happen then

What will you ever do

Worlds keep spinnin round


A picture I took and developed myself with some darkroom enhancement techniques.



Since I now have my own domain, included in RealPlayer format is


a 9 minute, 1.5MB RealAudio Stereo version of AMEM:

AMEM - Solo acoustic guitar by Bob Williams


And a song I call SPACESHIP MOON which is based on chords from the Beatle's Yellow Submarine.  The First section and chorus I have re-wrote the words to be the following:

In the town where I was born, lived a man who sailed up to the stars

And he told us of his life there behind that smile in the sky.

And how he flew deep inside to Zero-G and flew on wings in the breeze

And how everyone lived in harmony, there behind the smile in the sky.


We all live in Spaceship Moon, Spaceship Moon, Spaceship Moon.

We all live in Spaceship Moon, Spaceship Moon, Spaceship Moon.


And now the 8 min 1.2 MB real media file: Spaceship Moon



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