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http://home.thirdage.com/Teaching/rhw007/index.html -----my old personal home page - No longer Active. Things Die on the Web which is why I try and SAVE a LOT of stuff.

http://www.disclosureproject.org/---Dr. Greer's great effort

http://www.x-ppac.org/---legal n media PAC 4 UFO/ET phenomena

http://www.angelfire.com/scifi/amiga/martianmania.html  Keith Philips Martian Mania

http://www.keithlaney.net - The BEST image processing anywhere done by Keith Laney.

http://www.paradigmclock.com/---Official site of Paradigm Research Group

http://www.lauralee.com/DiPietro.htm---Vince DiPeitro pages

http://www.artbell.com/---Famous Radio Show host

http://www.cfrb.com/  ---Errol Bruce-Knapp's Strange Days Indeed radio show

http://vgl.org/vglmars.htm  Mars from a NASA engineer.

http://www.earthfiles.com/headlines.html---latest from Linda M. Howe

http://www.enterprisemission.com   ---latest from Richard C. Hoagland

http://www.marsnews.com  for everything related to Mars!

see also there my article:

http://www.marsnews.com/news/20020921-secretplanet.html    Mars-The Planet of War-The Planet of Secrets

A new place for interesting Martian formations that are not all geological as the DAWGS would have you believe:


http://www.quotationspage.com/qotd.html---nifty quotes...I love 'em.


Excellent BBS for various topics:

Top of the list: The Hidden Mission BBS:



http://www.biospherics.com/mars/ --LIFE on Mars 25yrs ago!

New study on other 'old' data confirms Dr. Levin:

People doing SCIENCE but need data NASA is WITHHOLDING!

http://palermoproject.com    Seeping LIQUID water on Mars!


From a respected photo and optic researcher:



Active WATER NOW ! ! !



Active LIFE on Mars NOW ! ! !



http://www.metaresearch.org/home.asp---Scientifically viable challenges to mainstream paradigms

http://www.infosourceresearch.com/---Worldwide dissemination of accurate information

http://cropcircleconnector.com/anasazi/connect.html---Enigmatic patterns whirled in grain

http://www.dreamwater.com/nesjim/UltimateList/full_list.html#C---lots a links



http://groups.yahoo.com/group/cydonia ---Excellent BBS group about all things Cydonia !

http://anomalyhunters.virtualave.net/cgi-bin/marsbbs/webbbs_config.pl?rebuild another excellent Mars BBS

http://www.geocities.com/erasproject/welcome.html---leading edge news

http://groups.yahoo.com/group/tmg_Mars -- All things Mars.

http://sohowww.nascom.nasa.gov/data/realtime-images.html---The Sun-LIVE!

http://mars.jpl.nasa.gov/mgs/---official Mars Global Surveyor

http://antwrp.gsfc.nasa.gov/apod/astropix.html---Astronomy pic of the day

http://www.v-j-enterprises.com/sfhome.html---Stanton Friedman

http://www.freedomsnest.com/quotes.html---more nifty quotes

http://groups.yahoo.com/group/cydonia---Cydonia BBS

http://www.hobbyspace.com/Links/---more links up the wazoo!



http://www.scifi.com/dune/---My Favorite epic story

http://www.lego.com/mars/default.asp---Legos for Mars

http://www.electricwarrior.com/contents/index.htm---an e- news source

http://www.unknowncountry.com/  Whitley Streiber n true strange things.

http://www.nidsci.org/index.html The official place to report UFOs.

http://www.isso.org/inbox/cometa.htm  Cometa Report



http://apps3.vantagenet.com/zforums/thread.asp?id=252221208  A A Mysteries BBS

http://www.kozmikradio.com  WWW Radio !!!

http://timedwards.topcities.com/dreamscape.htm  Dreamscape

At times I post several links in BBS posts to back-up statements, opinions and thoughts in various places on various topics.  Here is a list of some interesting topics and informational snippets:

The Cosmos continues surprising the PHD scientists who have written theories that are Piled Higher n Deeper on the shelves of discarded ramblings of those same 'high priests' of modern science where the 'belief' in coincidences has become the new modern 'superstition' in the religion of 'established' thought. They have a new 'woobie-joobie' they want us to believe. And that makes them just as religious in their own disbelief as they espouse others are in their interpretations of facts and evidence that support and prove conclusions and theories that are not part of the 'accepted' world view. Including the FACTS that ET life out there HAS intelligence and has been visiting the Earth for thousands of years since we drew pictures on cave walls. 

Public apathy in general is appalling to many of us, apathy towards Space gets our blood pressure rising, and the apathy of our youth to dream of the stars should terrorize us to the depth of our souls. 

When ProjectDisclosure was having its news conference our Donald Rumsfield comes forth with America's Space Command and 'offensive' SDI. The FACTS that there IS an eyeball in an eye socket along with nostrils and a whole host of other features on that enigmatic mesa on Mars are dismissed as 'pile of rocks'.

These folks here fail to see that 'belief' in coincidence has become the prevalent superstition of science methodology. And that makes them just as religious in their own disbelief as they espouse others are in their interpretations of facts and evidence that support and prove conclusions and theories that are not part of the 'accepted' world view. If we were in the 1200's these same folks would still be espousing all the below as being true that humanity is:

1. All alone
2. On a flat Earth
3. At the center of the Universe
4. As it revolves around us
5. Riding on the back of a giant turtle

You and I know these 'law of fives' to totally untrue, but they use the same arguments the religious leaders of the time made, hence they have their own religion they disbelieve in.

Dr. Sagan stated that "Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence." Well also true is that extraordinary evidence requires extraordinary investigation, and an extraordinary investigation requires an extraordinary review and discussion process that is publicly open and honest. I mean we're talking about finally answering one of humankind's oldest and most interesting question here! And you are letting it go without even an honest journalistic peek at the issues! 

Facts and evidence. They simply are, whether one chooses to see them as 'proof' of something is sometimes as subjective as personal interpretations of beauty. However, at some point ( where is that point? ) there is an overwhelming amount of facts and evidence of a thing and to then 'believe' otherwise is as silly a behavior as those who say people who do see the Cydonia Mensae Face as an artificial sculpture are suffering from nephelococcygia. Do the research necessary to make your opinions have merit, not only for others, but more importantly, for your own sense of self. Then you'll have a better idea of what YOU need to then see for 'proof' of a thing. 

It really isn't your ol teacher's Universe anymore.


Marketing the Masses

Iranian Mounds photographs

Beaming objects/people

Super chip elec=laser

braincells=computer chips:

parallel computing:


YETI @ home

Note: The above is not to be confused with:
Silly Effort To Investigate (SETI)

prosopagnosia. After suffering damage to the brain's right temporal lobe, these people have lost the ability to recognize familiar faces. Moreover, a different pattern of temporal lobe brain damage blocks the capability to identify inanimate objects, while sparing face recognition

science fraud:

Woobie joobie of life;'The methane, with its trapped hydrogen, was lost to space. Excess oxygen, left behind, built up in Earth's crust and then, for some unexplained reason, flooded the atmosphere.'

dark energy:

Tank Magnetic shields

Actually, science itself is coming apart...atom by atom:
What happens when even the math of the current paradigm is wrong?
The 'established' Universal paradigm...loosing atoms day by day.

Science's Mything Links
As the Boundaries of Reality Expand, Our Thinking Seems to Be Going Over the Edge 

If the rubble-pile model is an accurate depiction of most asteroids, theories of planet formation may need revision

Space Financing Treaty Undroit Convention

Free Energy:




Historical Flying Saucers with ETI:

Many many excellent research articles Flying Saucers


Some Friends' sites:







I know I probably have forgotten several, email me if you want to exchange links about our mutual space interests.

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There is much more 'out there' than NASA is telling you, and in fact, they can LEGALLY LIE TO YOU!!!:

We had such grand plans:

Mars Sample return NOT until 2014:

What can YOU do about it?  See the webmarch link in the WHO questions of:

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