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November 15, 2008 The election is over and Barak Obama has become the first African-American as President of the United States Of America.  While the financial meltdown still continues, I have moved my "political" activity into My Common Sense Politics site.  The cartoons and other things have been moved here to a new question: What is a "QUADRILLION" Dollars?

October 25, 2008 I have moved all my front page stuff about the ECONOMY into this news update section in preparation for returning to normal format after the elections since the bail-out plan passed and is looking like it is expanding and we are headed for something BEYOND the $$55-60 TRILLION in debt talked about in the 60 Minutes piece located in this update.

From an article at                     :

This article "Death of the American Empire:

It was flagrant overspending during a time of war. At no time in history has a nation gone into conflict without sacrifice, cutbacks, tax increases, and economic conservation.

And there was a growing chance that, just like in 1929, investors would rush to claim their money all at once.

To guarantee, therefore, these high risk mortgages, the same financial houses that sold them then created 'insurance policies' against the sub-prime investments they were selling, marketed as Credit Default Swaps (CDS). But the government must regulate insurance policies, so by calling them CDS they remained totally unregulated. Financial institutions were 'hedging their bets' and selling premiums to protect the junk assets. In other words, the asset that should go up in value could also have a side-bet, just in case, that it might go down. By October 2008, CDS were trading at $62 trillion, more than the stock markets of the whole world combined.

These bets had absolutely no value whatsoever and were not investments. They were just financial instruments called derivatives - high stakes gambling, 'nothing from nothing' - or as Warren Buffet referred to them, 'Weapons of Financial Mass Destruction'. The derivatives trade was 'worth' more than one quadrillion dollars, or larger than the economy of the entire world. (In September 2008 the global Gross Domestic Product was $60 trillion).

The future fight will be with those few wealthy "Families" at the TOP of the Federal Reserve System, the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank.

May God give us strength for we shall surely need it to stay together and show the "Military Goons" paid for by the "Families"...we are HUMAN TOO !!!


pre-bailout passing from the front page removed to here:



If the file Wall-Streets-Shadow-Market-Video-CBSNews60minute-com  does NOT play for you or "is lost" from Google or Yahoo  please email me.  Thanx and PAY ATTENTION to the FINAL PRICE OF THIS "Economic Weapon of Mass Destruction" as I first pointed out long before the "Meantream Media" was calling it that going to be as large as $50-$60 TRILLION DOLLARS !!!


That's right...end the end...$50-$60 TRILLION DOLLARS !!!  Watch the video above and my response below:

Also PLEASE read theWhat's New link for MORE information...thanx for visiting...tell others...for America's Future.

My reply actual flv file you need to download to your HD then upload to YOUR YouTube account to USE this video as one of YOUR "available" video responses.


My other ideas and videos and some "cartoons":

700 Billion TAXPAYER stimulus package that is TAXABLE.

Also NEW...DIRECT .flv files you can download and use your YouTube account to reply to other videos. Just right clck and 'save target as' in a folder for these files which you can upload to YOUR YouTube account and then use as a Video Response to ANY video you watch that you think these might fit.


2008\Paulson and Bernanke.flv


Thank you for your support and use these video to let your opinions be spread far and wide.


Important YouTube videos to watch now and call your congress and media ALL of them:

Why this bailout is WRONG !!!,2933,428641,00.html

My Video reply to: THEY WANT MAMA TO MAKE IT ALL BETTER! Rep Kapture

Paulson and Bernanke my video




the flv file if you want to add it to your list for responses:








October 14 (update new video VULTURE-ECONOMICS), 2008 I have been re-doing my MAIN site rather than the politics one since it reaches more people more immediately.  And right now America NEEDS IMMEDIATE attention and action.  Your GOVERNMENT from the Administrative and Legislative (both "Houses") Branches have set forth a motion in passing this Economic Weapon of Mass Destruction Wall Street Bail Out Bill that "AMERICA" as we all know and love dead.  Starting with the shredding of the US Constitution to deregulating the top 400 families who own and do "business" on Wall Street....The America we remember before 2000 has been effectively "killed".  And REALLY folks this time it WAS an "INSIDE JOB CONSPIRACY".  It is so out in the open  that those who REFUSE to see it DIFFERENT than say the "Kennedy Conspiracy", the "Pearl Harbor Conspiracy" , the "Moon Landing Conspiracy", the "9-11 Insider False Flag Conspiracy", nooooooooooooooooooooooo folks this one is even making the MEANSTREAM MEDIA finally shake off the wool from their "SHEEPLE" news coverage since they sold the "Iraq War on WMDs". 

Let's be CLEAR...The Wall Street Insiders, White House Administrative Regulators, and Congressional Committee Oversight Insiders  have INTENTIONALLY led us into this bloody bath of economic ruin of the country.  IT WAS AND REMAINS AN INSIDE JOB.  And according to the US Constitution...that fragile ol "piece of paper" as King Gorgie refers to this most precious Document in America's History...what "THE INSIDERS" did ARE "High Crimes and Misdemeanors" and also are "TREASONOUS".


If the file Wall-Streets-Shadow-Market-Video-CBSNews60minute-com  does NOT play for you or "is lost" from Google or Yahoo  please email me.  Thanx and PAY ATTENTION to the FINAL PRICE OF THIS "Economic Weapon of Mass Destruction" as I first pointed out long before the "Meantream Media" was calling it that going to be as large as $50-$60 TRILLION DOLLARS !!!

That's right...end the end...$50-$60 TRILLION DOLLARS !!!  Watch the video above and my response below:


Ohhhhhh....Tommy Lee Jones' as Hank Deerfield at the end of the movie "The Valley of Elah" was right. 

The American Flag IS flying upside's just that no one wants to SEE the Common Sense Brutal Truth Reality of it. 

And as he says at the beginning with "Flying the Flag Upside Down" :

HANK: You know what it means when a flag is hung upside down? (JUAN doesn't)

HANK: It's an international distress signal.

JUAN: No shit?

HANK: No shit. It means we are in a whole lot of trouble, so come save our ass, cause we haven't got a prayer in hell of saving our selves.

JUAN: It says a lot.

HANK: Yes, it does. So, you know how to do it now ?

JUAN: Oh, yes.

HANK: Good. Juan looks up at the flag flying. Hank walks to his truck.

That was the BEGINNING of the movieThe Valley of Elah...the ending:

HANK gets up from his wife's side walks and gets dressed and picks up his son's flag.  Sets out and brings it to JUAN's Flagpole and hangs his son's flag upside down and duck-tapes it to the flagpole and tells JUAN to leave it there...don't even take it down overnight...don't take it down ever.

So...Who's coming to save America's Economic WALL STREET FAT-CAT ASSES?

So WHO is coming to save MAIN ST? Small Town America? You..the "Middle Class" and your 'retirement' accounts?

So WHO is coming to save those who have no 'retirement' package, stocks, bonds, or even more than $50 bucks in cash and no health care?

The people have BANNED me because I was telling them COMMON SENSE BRUTAL TRUTH's and I don't even know if my last post was accepted where I pointed out the CBS 60 Minute interview where it CLEARLY showed this was an ENGINEERED and DELIBERATE "CONSPIRACY" to bring down the Economic house of America with this ECONOMIC WEAPON OF MASS DESTRUCTION or because I was disabled and living off SS and they didn't "GET IN" on the scam before the bubble burst since they are mostly ALL there simply to "play the markets and make money".

There's a saying for that "There are none so blind as he/she who will not see."

Valley_Elah_rhw-clip1  AVI 440 MB File

Valley_Elah_rhw-clip2  AVI 360 MB File

Again...BuyThe Valley of Elah

See what is happening to our youth today under the DOD and JCOS.

In EVERY Small Town on EVERY Main Street and the back roads all across AMERICA is a SOLDIER who has been DESERTED by THIS Administration and THIS Department of Defense's Veterans Affairs and Supplying the TROOPS with Equipment...See HBO's GENERATION KILL too.

OrDOD has an Army BRIGADE deployed since October 1, 2008 for "engagement" with the American people for riot control.  Another "KENT STATE" is bound to happen.  And will the youths in this Army fire on their Mothers and Fathers?  Brothers and Sisters? Uncles, Aunts and Cousins?  Citizen against Citizen?

All for the "WEALTH" of only about 400 families on the PLANET who own 95% of the Planet's WEALTH?


leave that to theBLACKWATER folks...they get 33 times your salary anyhow or don't you know?



if ANY of these links no longer work PLEASE email me

Google assignment: Operation Garden Plot   &  REX 84




September 4, 2008 I got my van back a few days ago since August 8th !!  So I was able to get to the "city" and do the monthly chores.  I stopped in and had Marilyn's and my Press Republican Newspaper Article scanned since it was NOT included in their website edition and this feature never is, so I added a new question so folks could read it. 

Who's looking for Life on Mars in Mooers?


August 27, 2008 I have added a new question thanks to Woodlock for the Phoenix images and the time, work, talent, observation and sharing of his imaging of the Phoenix mission showing US what NASA does NOT want you to REALLY see and more importantly UNDERSTAND.

How is the Phoenix site leaking LIQUID water and NASA not knowing it?


I finally am approaching a rebuild of machine 1 from original OEM disks from Acer and this is first attempt to update my site sine then.  As was noted on the main page since June 25, 2008 when I posted a letter to my Dad and his picture who had died one day after his 81st Birthday.  He now has his own question for anyone interested.

July 4-15, 2008 added 2 more large 2Gb and 1GB avi movies to the 3D Renderings Page and updated the Smoking Pyramid Updates page with two versions of the release of this one image showing first release with no comments then showing the later release with NASA comments.

June 29, 2008 I added a new question to the main page  How long does it take to do 3D  where I put forth the 3D work I've done so far in my life and all the little "movies" I have made to date along with some dxf files for importing into Bryce or other desktop 3D software for others to play with and a treat with all the Generational GEMS I've collected such as "Baby Bob" and the "Ali McBeal Dancing Baby" segments that are priceless that should be save from the hagiographers currently trying to 'sanitize' the internet and influence the information what we and our children have access to which, imho is infringing upon the right to "free speech". 


June 25, 2008 I updated the front page with an image of my Dad who recently passed along with poem written, other minor changes made in CAAIM map a few days ago.  I have many more updates to do after we scatter most of his ashes this Thursday after Mass and the coming weekend to rest and put some other thoughts together.

May 22, 2008

Thanx to Jdub for all the fine 3D anaglyph work he's done through the years and has given me the impetus to get off my butt, crack down and learn what tools I need, work with them and try to "master" them.  My first 3D Anaglyphs...of Cydonia of course.

3D Anaglyph from lower left Cydonia CTX Cydonia Colles region

May 12, 2008

I have updated my Cydonia Smoking Pyramid page with a link at the bottom which will take you to this new information since acquisition of my 2007 Mars Fall Quest Challenge image  was returned thus becoming the first "Cydonia Anomalist" to have his image request returned of Cydonia.  I could not have done this without Keith Laney and the great folks at the MRO and especially the HiRise 'targeting team'. 

My old Smoking Pyramid Page

it's Updated Data and Images and Analysis

I also announced with "Harry Potter" font My Common Sense Politics .com site

Again while I have no 'comments' area I do have email and a blog:

Where you can also read and leave messages and notes there.

Thank you.


April 20, 2008

updated CAAIM map

April 20, 2008

I have been privileged to be able to target the MRO HiRise camera and learned from using it that within ESA there is a previously named feature is more used over there for it THE SKULL.  I added -aka- THE SKULL to name already there keeping both since at CHIDLHOODs' END we become nothing more than empty buried skulls anyway.  We could do much more if the political, scientific, academic, military, and social segments would recognize Ares Face for what it is so that would compel the world to work to get there together.  The faster we are able to live OFF EARTH for extended time is quicker to becoming what we were born for and help stop our wars on Earth.




March 19, 2008 I have updated the continuing saga of my "Smoking Pyramid of Cydonia".  I have NOT included this as a normal and "Formal question" on the main page as the FINAL judgment remains to be made and requires one more acquisition from the great MRO Team of this feature since their last acquisition at my request was recently released, but the color version only 'touched' the all important "crater/hole" feature.  We require another acquisition and have put a request in ID 22704 to re-acquire the target only a tiny bit West of the last acquisition.  The current acquisition released in February 2008 is here:

We wish to express our extreme gratitude and generosity of the entire MRO Team and ALL its workers and members who helped build and put this wonderful craft into orbit around Mars.  It is producing stunning beautiful pictures and has shattered notions that Mars is "geologically dead" forever with it's recent acquisition of an avalanche IN REAL TIME ACTION at the North Pole.  The 'old mainstream model' that Mars is itself now finished, dead and buried forever...Great job MRO team...


March 14, 2008 updated my bio page a bit Who is the creator of these webpages?  where I added a few comments and there are many updates behind the scenes which will be used as needed.  More will be coming as time allows.  Thank you for visiting.


February 27, 2008 I have added a new question to the main page How Did the Mars Global Surveyor die?  and at the bottom of this page are two new MGS MOC photo Albums...the last to come since the MGS is no longer active in orbit around Mars.  The legacy lasted for nearly a decade and gave us an unprecedented close up view of Mars that hasn't been matched in ground resolution until the recent arrival of the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter and it's HiRise color camera.  While the MGS MOC could not take color images of the ground at it's highest resolution with the Narrow Angle camera, the images it showed are breathtaking in Black and White in an Artistic essence all of it's own.  That is what I was trying to capture with my FIRST 3 sets of MGS MOC ART Albums started at the beginning of the mission and into 1999.  The mission is finally completed and the final Album Set 5 will only get bigger as I go through more of the last images the MOC took and find interesting contrast between the terrain that are not only sensually artistic viscerally in the black and white contrasts of that enigmatic planet.  I have not forgotten the color MRO Album I've done and will be adding more albums in color of Mars from the HiRise as time moves forward. 

But this listing is a sad farewell to a Spacecraft and team that delivered us tremendous and amazing discoveries that turned "mainstream Mars science" upside down.  The current fleet of rovers and orbiters are only confirming how little we thought we KNEW and how little we now think we KNOW about Mars. 

Mars will always be an enigma wrapped in a riddle.


December 18, 2007  Thanx to Tim Glutting for sending the Hot Tuna Odyssey Part 1 booklet for me to scan and return to him.  This was done so that fellow members of the Yahoo Hot Tuna group can have automatic and forever vine access to this wonderful and beautiful booklet of my co-favorite bands, the other being Jefferson Starship, where the core of Hot Tuna played for many many years from the beginning.

Jefferson Airplane/Starship


HOT FRACKING TUNA....         


Each page was scanned in at HiRes COLOR PHOTO settings at 300 DPI....after scanning I cleaned each image since the scanner was larger than the booklet and had overhangs that needed to be removed and also some 'tilting' was required so that the pages are EXTREMELY close to 8 x 11 inches for printing on your own printers at home if you so desire.  Simply click on thumbnail...a separate window, right click and choose save as and then point to folder on your local HD where you wish to store the images.   This will also save on the wear and tear of the original booklet which Tim has kept in pristine condition.  Thanx again to Tim.

Here is the link for the thumbnails of the ENTIRE booklet. 

So without further adooo....Hot Tuna Odyssey Part 1 Booklet



December 8, 2007

I have rebuilt the broken links in the How to Achieve Cats? question from the Plattsburgh NY Public Library.


November 11, 2007:

One of the 'Cydonia Mocs' somehow didn't show up in the MS Access search I did for Cydonia images.

And it's a Doozy...The Ares Face:


Still looks like a FACE to me and Dr. Mikey had to have one last 'peek' in the final days of the MGS.



November 1, 2007

I have finished the Cydonia Anomalies Archive Image Map and updated it's reference file.  This is the final version ready for presentation to the public for reaction further suggestions for names of the remaining Q-#'s remaining on the CAAIM should the public be interested.  I have updated the final DUNE names I will use on the CAAIM and made some final notes and statements at the end of my contribution section in the ocaaim.txt reference file.  Search for November 1 and you will find that section easily in word pad.

Thank you to entire membership and administration of The Hidden Message BBS for the support of this project and also the HiddenMessageJournal....which is an extension...not a replacement...of Keith Laney's HM bbs.  

Special thanx to Keith for processing the image into such a clear and beautiful look at "Downtown Cydonia" to include much of the southern and western suburbs as well.  To Richard for doing the laying down of the ESA Grid Co-ordinates explained fully in the 0caaim reference text page where other names are laid out on how they were chosen and where they came from. 

I hope everyone uses this to make requests to the MRO Targeting Team when public request targeting opens is an easy and reliable way that both requestor and the MRO team are looking at the same specific spot or item of interest in Cydonia.



October 30, 2007 I have updated the How is the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter doing? section of this site with some deserved KUDOS to the MRO team and also some links to color crops from their latest release of color images which so touched me with their beauty I had to continue with the tradition I started with the MOCs in 1998 at CCC with images have such an artistic quality all their own in their beauty. 





October 16, 2007 made ALL the images in the Oct 9 release jpgs for viewing on browsers of all types.


October 9, 2007

I added a new question with 12 of my level 1 processed MGS MOCS at When was the last data dump for the MGS MOC?  Enjoy.

October 4, 2007

I have updated the two maps at the beginning of the Introduction to the Cydonia Anomalies Archive Image Map.  And updated REFERENCE TEXT file that explains how and what and where each name came from.  I have added names from the following missions and companies also: Viking, MSSS, Odyssey, ESA HRSC, MRO and some of the associated managers and outreach personnel.  


There is also in the beginning of reference text linked above a description of how the coordinate system was laid out.  In addition at the bottom of the reference file is a link where it shows Cydonia as the Prime Meridian of the planet according to USGS.  0...Freedom at Point Jefferson Starship :D...   Now don't CHANGE the page USGS folks....I HAVE the file page and list saved as HTML file, but also as text and MS Excel file.


September 28, 2007

I have updated the two maps at the beginning of the Introduction to the Cydonia Anomalies Archive Image Map.  And updated REFERENCE TEXT file that explains how and what and where each name came from.  I have added names from the following missions and companies also: Viking, MSSS, Odyssey, ESA HRSC, MRO and some of the associated managers and outreach personnel.


September 15, 2007

I have updated the two maps at the beginning of the Introduction to the Cydonia Anomalies Archive Image Map.  And added a link to the REFERENCE TEXT file that explains how and what and where each name came from.  I have added names from the following missions and companies also: Viking, MSSS, Odyssey, ESA HRSC, MRO and some of the associated managers and outreach personnel.


September 12, 2007

I have updated the two maps at the beginning of the Introduction to the Cydonia Anomalies Archive Image Map.


September 6, 2007

I have updated the two maps at the beginning of the Introduction to the Cydonia Anomalies Archive Image Map.


August 28, 2007

I have updated the two maps at the beginning of the Introduction to the Cydonia Anomalies Archive Image Map.

August 14, 2007

I have updated the Cydonia Anomalies Archive Image Map and it's Introduction page located here at the CAAIM.  I have also added a new question from a project I started back in 1999 going through the 10 CD set which was the first PDS release and some images were more than 18 months late.  In the release I found what I called attention to and named "The Mushroom Encampment".  So I have added the question "Where is the "Mushroom Encampment" to the index page.  There you will find some other images of this interesting area of Mars.


August 10, 2007 

Welcome I have added two new Questions to the list of many questions we wonder about.

Why a Cydonia Anomaly Archive Image Map?  Which traces out an Introduction to the "Cydonia Controversy" and by no means is able to encompass all the research into Cydonia.  But the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter is right now doing an excellent job acquiring the highest resolution data we have had in more than three decades.  The MRO team is going to host open public requests for targeting their instruments to the general public at some point in the same manner that Dr. Mailin at MSSS did with the Mars Gloabal Surveyor spacecraft, which unfortunately it's battery was exposed to the sun due to software error and the spacecraft no longer functions.  While he was taking public requests, to my knowledge, he acquired every public request and the data is now in the PDS archives.

Well to help people with targeting requests, since the resolution is so great we at "The Hidden Mission BBS" have decided to take an ESA Image colored by Keith Laney with a grid by RBP and the actual annotated names, DUNE names, and Q-#'s labels are by myself.  Go to the Cydonia Anomaly Archives Image Map for more information.


I have also added a link for the good folks at the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter team so I asked How is the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter doing?  Go there to find great links to much of the MRO mission.  There is much more out there you can Google or Yahoo if you wish.  


Thanx for checking in.

Back to CSC Main





July 31, 2007

Well I have finally gotten space to host my site.  While "nearly" everything has been updated and is working...please let me know what is not...unless it is in the 'testing' area which you should stay away from as I have no idea what will happen when you click something as I write this.

I am going to call HostMonster.Com which is where my site will be parked. and I will come back and update more later...either tonight or tomorrow.  

There are MANY things to bring up-to-date as you can see from the last update below, it's been two years since the site has been active.  Also...while IS IN FACT registered to me and has been when it was FIRST registered from Clinton Community College in the late 1990's...I have had various friends actually as the 'payer' of the registration fee and I would then send a personal check to them since I did not then have access to a credit card.  I STILL feel I should be allowed to claim BOTH domains of the .net I currently have with HostMonster and the .com which WAS registered FIRST by me and continued in my name even through last year.

I'll keep folks posted.



Added new question: Who's blogging now? to the main page to link to my blog site.  Check it out for the REAL reason we are in Iraq, and also for what you can do to help get humans to the Moon and Mars.


While I still have not found a way to get my book published I am suspending my search for such funding and that endeavor at this time.  Links to that page have been re-edited to reflect that fact and the Main Page Question removed.  I must concentrate on going through the necessary steps to procure a more regular form of income at this time.



I have removed question Who is Mars Revealer? and updated the Who's asking for help in 2005? section to reflect that I will not be going to the 2005 X-Conference this year.   Unfortunately my finances make that impossible along with interagency from the US Airways airline in giving me the free seats on  the flights needed despite asking for them months in advance.  I wish to thank Stephen Bassette for the offer of helping out with hotel arrangements, travel from airport to hotel and back and am sorry I will not be able to help him out with the staffing of the event and help in setting up speaker rooms and table areas.  My home and health matters must come first here.


I have re-linked the old question Who's asking for help in 2005?  to my main plea for help in getting my already compiled and copyrighted book, Quotes on Sex, Love & Marriage published as a regular 4 x 7 inch paperback and distributed to the many retail outlets across not only the USA, but other countries as well when the book gets going and gets translated into the many languages of humanity.  Take a read of the page and about 10% of the book itself available in the link above.  I am looking for serious help and willing to share big in the profits.  Thank you in advance.



I have added a new question- Who's the Mars Revealer? and added several updated graphics to the main page.  More will follow as work, health, and the Universe allows me to get at new data just released.  Note: The December 28, 2004 THEMIS RDR QUBs have ALL been recalculated making everyone's previous work required redoing to compare it with current radiometric calibrations made to the data.  Note also that in 2004 the THEMIS QUBs went from very high res 32 bit format to the lesser resolution of 16 bit formatting.  In addition many of the MER raw data sets do not contain complete filter combos of every piece of interesting real estate the rovers pass by, so some interesting work can't be done.  I have done some end product production with various sols and will present that soon.  I again thank everyone for their patience and interest in this site and its basic goal of getting the brutal truth out and accepted that humanity is not alone in the Universe and never was.


I have undertaken another once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and am leaving today for Washington DC to take part in the X-Conference to be held the weekend of April 16-18, 2004.  I hope to see a whole lot of folks from all sides in this great debate in answering the great 6 questions of the human race.  Click on graphic link on main page or in the update below for more information on this historic event.  Thanks n kudos to Mr. Stephen Bassett for all the work and effort he has put into this gathering of experts.


I have added a graphic link at the top of my page to promote the 1st Annual X-PACC Conference in Washington DC this coming April.  I think this is an important and vital step in the right direction to REALLY take our country back from the elite who control all the information, the technologies and all the benefits from knowing that humanity has never been alone in the Universe.  It is past time that EVERYONE knew this.


It has been quite awhile since I have updated my site.   Most of the reason has been poor health with an 8 day hospital stay with a baseball size blood clot in my intestinal area in November 2003 that is still not completely dissolved and presents recurring problems.  But a lot has been happening with Mars and Space lately, some of it good, some not so good.  But we have one M2K4 MER Rover Spirit on Mars soil and moving around.  I have added a new question, What should the MER Rover look at? In this short page I present a jpg with link to a larger gif of the first color panorama the rover took before leaving its landing pedestal.  It gives the first color full 360 view of Gustev Crater where it safely landed through the hard work of many thousands of folks across the planet Earth and deserves kudos to all of them.  Soon Opportunity will also hopefully follow suit.  We unfortunately lost the Japanese Orbiter Nazomi and the United Kingdom lander Beagle 2 to the Martian Ghoul that is keeping its reputation of 'eating' 2/3's of all attempts to study the God of War.  Luckily the European orbiter Mars Express made it safely into orbit and is starting to return data that we can only hope will be targeted fully on Cydonia.  President Bush has announced a 'new' space policy and at some future point I will address the politics of that, in the meantime, I wanted to put forth the interesting things I found at the Gustev landing site so I have just circled and numbered those things I found intriguing enough for a closer look by the rover instruments.



Updated the new question...Who's the Cartoonist of Cydonia?  where I show how a recent release of a nighttime IR allows the exposure of the Cydonia Bunny Rabbit that has been hiding for millennia.  I had done a quick update on 09/09/2003 to show variance between the processes of the daytime and nighttime QUBE IR data and how the nighttime IR QUBE was somehow inferior in a much greater way than would seem 'natural'.  In this latest upate I once more point out the main point I was trying to make with the Bunny is that THEMIS can and DOES 'see' through the foo-foo dust of Cydonia.   Check out the latest directly from NASA/JPL/ASU's own image from last Halloween 2002 where there is SOLID ( or HOLLOW ( Halloween release? rotfl.gif (570 bytes)) evidence for this. 09/06/2003 Added a new question...Who's the Cartoonist of Cydonia?  where I show how a recent release of a nighttime IR allows the exposure of the Cydonia Bunny Rabbit that has been hiding for millennia.



I did a Web-Radio interview with Mars Revealer on the Martian Revelation Show on Friday evening 08/22/2003 that is now looping his channel.  Click link for an interesting chat about current events and Mars and humanity's direction.  Also hear The Light by Starship. rotfl.gif (570 bytes)



I have added another new question.  What's up with NASA, Mars n the Media? onto the main main page that I have also give a subtitle of :The Who, What, When, Where, Why n How of our future in space. 



I have updated the FACE ON MARS page with new Nightime IR work on the FACE alone and some interesting things have been turned up under all that 'foo-foo dust'.  Go see. New question! Who's blowing 'foo-foo dust'?   This page gives you an interesting and very enlightening image that overlays the recently nighttime Infrared image over the ONLY daytime VISIBLE image of Cydonia to include BOTH and ALL of the Face and the DnM Pyramid.  A visibile image that..btw...has recently turned up...missing. Check it out. rotfl.gif (570 bytes) How deep does the foo-foo dust go?  A new question with some interesting images from the recent release of a nighttime IR image of Cydonia combined with the daytime IR.  How deep does the rabbit hole go Alice? :) 04/09/03 New MGS MOC image of the Smoking Pyramid of Cydonia !  At the bottom of the page is crop from new image E14-01223 from the MOC of this enigmatic land form that is STILL SMOKIN'!!!  The Smoking Gun/Pyramid of artificiality? I certainly think so, and so do many other folks.  What do you think?  Make sure you check this page! It's an amazing formation! 03/21/03 Added a new question, Who's 'blockies' are they anyway? as a new page for my ENVI processing of the RDRs.  Recently Cydonian Villager Holger Isenberg of Germany was kind enough to do what NASA/JPL/ASU/PDS had been UNABLE to do ( or unwilling or under-staffed...we may never know which ) the RDR QUBES to open in a WINDOWS OS which most of the humans on the planet use to converse with their computers.   Previously RDRs could NOT be opened with Windows NASAView...although at present...rumor has it...they're working on it.  Meantime, with NO priori notice as to file structure of the RDRs ( something NASA/JPL/ASU/PDS folks have had for years ) Holger has brilliantly and most graciously decoded the structure and allowed the software program "GIMP" to load up the RDRs and output each band from his plug-in to this program.  THANX again to HOLGER!!!  03/12/03 Added episode 2 to the CSC Radio Show !  I wish also to state that I have NOT forgotten the imaging aspect of the great struggle in presenting the BRUTAL TRUTH about Mars to the public and also in the exciting and fun aspect I have in processing the data from these spacecraft.   Recent world political events have taken a DIRECT affect on the affairs of my immediate family members and I have tried devoting my time to the poltical aspect of enlightening humanity to the underying NEEDS we seem to be missing that will enable these 'issues' to be forever put behind humanity.  I always said I was more of a 'word' person rather than an 'image' person and now, my words have been tied with the message of the music in a new way that helps me express the dire dread I have that humanity is quickly running out of time, of heartbeats to heal our hurt, and seconds to start once more into the stars.  We need to stop the lies, we need reality to be BRUTALLY TRUTHFUL!



Added a new question...What's the CSC Radio Show about? as link to my first Episode of the CommonSenseCentral Radio show which is a half hour show of music and commentary.  I hope to make many more of these as time and events permits.   Special THANX to RF Burns and for many things.  At present the show is available at the page linked above as MP3 linked files you can download and play individually.  Check it out.


Added a new question...Who's Doing the Qubes?  as way to highlight the forward progress I am making in putting my new skills learned with GREAT appreciation from a GREAT teacher in how to use the tools to achieve these fantastic data files to work from.  As I progress forward in my learning along with other teachers who may come along and assist me in increase my skills, my work will be chronicled here. 


Updated with new IR work Who Sees thru 'Foo-Foo Dust'?    and added smaller image sizes as thumbnails so the main page would load faster and allow you to choose which larger res image you wish to see.

I also updated the Who is messing with the THEMIS data?  page with an interesting image from a QUBE file of the recent October 2002 THEMIS data dump.


Added: Who Sees thru 'Foo-Foo Dust'?



Added a page on WHERE some net radio stations I liked could be found.



Added 4 new guitar rifts to the Where's Bob's Other Art section at the bottom.

I also expanded the Smoking Pyramid page to put an excellent enhancement at the top and to tell everyone at the bottom of the page that the new MGS MOC and THEMIS data dumps of October 2002 did not have an image of this feature.  Hopefully that will change soon as I say there. 9/24/02 Started a new section question: How do others see truth?  Here will be put personal stories of unbelievable things that happen to be brutally true.  Thanx to Frank for being the first contributer. 9/23/02 I have added 2 guitar solo real media files for two of my original song compositions called AMEM and SPACESHIP MOON in the Where is Bob's other artistic talents section at the bottom of the poetry list. I had an article published in   Thanx Mr. Burk !


On the night of September 6, and into the morning of Sept 7, 2002 Keith 'Bullitt' Laney presented his findings on the IR data that HE especially downloaded from the OFFICIAL THEMIS website on the Image of the Day section on the evening of July 25, 2002. I have devoted a page entitled Who is crazie here? to a rebuttal to a poster at a BBS thread in which an on-going debate is occurring to close the gap between the HONEST elements within NASA and the rest of us out here interested in this aspect of space exploration. It is an on-going effort to get the very few PUBLIC figures making promises and proclamations on behalf of NASA to simply, live up to their word. To say what they mean and mean what they say. There seems to be a great difficulty for NASA Public Relations and some scientists to accomplish this. This response is directed at them, and at the 99% of NASA personnel who ARE honest and tired of the misdirected lies and deception, to the PUBLIC to become ACTIVE in this endeavor to gain the attention of the MEDIA to take this issue with the seriousness it deserves. FREEDOM is at stake here. And we have recently been brutally reminded, FREEDOM does not come cheaply, nor should it be taken for granted, and should be fought to be protected at any and all costs in whatever theatre of war is necessary. Sadly, we must seemingly go to war with our government. If they will lie about a plain on Mars, what else could and would they lie about in the name of 'National Security'? Who is crazie here?



I have returned the Mars Art Galleries to their pre-new CCC administration form for all to enjoy again. Check it out here !


08/24/02 WELCOME ! ! ! This is an expanding and more dynamic environment for our pursuit of BRUTAL TRUTH using some very basic common sense rationales in guiding our thoughts and our actions.  COMMONSENSECENTRAL will be that place ! Stay with us as we expand the knowledge base of humanity, as we explore what we forgot, and dream of who we really really have the potential to be.  As in everything else from day one...we shall only get there through TRUTH.  And sometimes, those truths happen to be brutal.  After all the Universe has ALWAYS been a duality experience and phenomenon.


Click here to return to COMMON SENSE CENTRAL !


05/09/2002 I have updated the SMOKING PYRAMID OF CYDONIA page to include a NEW IMAGE from the MGS MOC of this enigmatic and totally interesting feature laying there puffing away in downtown Cydonia !  Updates at page bottom.


05/05/2002 I wrote a 6 page Historic Treatise and State of Affairs in Mars Research which I posted, emailed, faxed, mailed and delivered to political and media representatives and also via different BBS systems on the internet. 04/27/02 Created an open letter and challenge to Dr. Philip Christensen who is Principle Investigator for the Mars Odyssey THEMIS camera 02/08/2002 Made an animation of the Cydonia Smoking Pyramid wind direction using Flash


02/02/2002 Having tired of continued delay in releasing the ancillary data from the April 8, 2001 Cydonia Face image NINE (9) months after acquisition and other nefarious activities in conjunction with recent headlines prompted me to compile: JPL-the ENRON of NASA


01/25/02 Happy New Year as we are most definitely into the 21st Century now.  I have added the DAWGS essay as we are about to have the start of the Odyssey Mars Mission and the all important THEMIS camera upon it.  Please read and follow the VGL links especially to see why we NEED to have some openness in this coming mission. I also found some interesting and anomalous Mars images of the summer of 1999 left over after dumping the art galleries and in light of recent papers and links on some other sites, I thought re-posting this page would be interesting and also for the record as this was posted on my old faculty website until banned in February 2001. August 10, 2001 On Saturday night August 4, 2001 I was a guest with Astronomer Dr. Tom Van Flandern and others on Ground Zero radio available from the web via:   or from KOTK Portland Oregon with host Clyde Lewis.   Ground Zero radio show: Click on link: Mars smells like blood! It was an excellent and interesting show.  I am thankful to many people in helping bring this about. You know who you are. Thanx. added to links: Excellent BBS for various topics: July 30, 2001 New Question! When will we revisit Pathfinder? I have updated the Banned n Scanned page with information about my student evaluations and also a clarification for any news media people who are having the courtesy and curiosity to check into this story about CCC's disingenuous answers that I am NOT fired when news media call and that they had told the NYS Labor Department that I had REFUSED work. NOT TRUE! I NEVER refused any work because NONE was ever offered.  See the bottom of scanned n banned.   I have been on the radio before, info on that show is repeated below. On June 2, 2001 I was a guest on  1010AM out of Toronto Canada on Errol Bruce-Knapp's Strange Days Indeed show with Mr. Stephen Bassett of the ONLY registered Political Action Committee in Washington DC for the issue of American public contact with Extraterrestrial Intelligence here in the United States at:
     Also on the show was a Mr. Alfred Lhemberg who was also fired from teaching over his use of Extraterrestrial issues in his curriculum.   I wish to thank Mr. Bassett who was instrumental in setting this up and who is continuing the fight for ALL of us for the release of this fantastic information that will revolutionize humanity and end the secrecy of more than 50 decades of illegal, immoral, and unconstitutional withholding of vital national and human security issues from 2 Presidents, much less the American public and the world at large.   See also: The secrecy about Flying Saucers isn't funny anymore.  It's past time to put the public 'giggle factor' with this issue where it belongs- 6 feet under. If you want to help in that process these are the email addresses publicly available at the CCC site, my local print, radio and TV media.  Send them all a note.


May 21, 2001 Well, I am no longer a teacher of accredited classes at CCC and have revamped the website again in light of this fact.  I have begun to include things that were part of the Common Sense Central site BEFORE the new administration at the college took over.  I shall continue through this weekend and next week  in mid-May to bring the website back to the things that the students had said they enjoyed the most, and that the public responded positively to. Stay tuned and come back often because...  Life happens and you should know about it! Back to Main CSC


Below is the What's New message on January 15, 2001: News ! ! ! Well this site has been updated for 2001 as regular visitors who have been here before can tell.  I have slimmed down much of the content that was here, and re-edited the entire site.  This re-editing is an on-going process, as all Life is, and will continue as long as I am able and allowed to. I have tried to make the educational wording and references I was trying to achieve before more clearer and precise with this new 2001 version of Common Sense Central.  It is a tenet in my teaching philosophy in learning how to read menus in microcomputer software applications of all types.  To use your innate common sense in reading menus and trying various menu choices in practice documents one can learn a new program even if the manual is unavailable, or the on-line help system is less than clear on explanations.  Because of some CCC administrative concerns I have decided to remove my poetry, my camera photography, my guitar music and the BBS section of the website.  To those who have expressed enjoyment through the years for my poetry and my other artistic endeavors, I thank you from the bottom of my mechanical heart.  I will still hopefully participate in the annual CCC Talent Show put together by Chris Ford and many other dedicated and talented faculty members and students who perform their 'personal' talents for the enjoyment of everyone within the greater Clinton Community, the college, the county, and its citizenry. The good news, artistically that is, I have included new 3-D Virtual Reality fly-bys created using microcomputer software applications that YOU can learn how to use and create stunning and interestingly beautiful landscapes, cities, parks, worlds, galaxies and other Universes your mind can roam and play in.  These files are LARGE though and are intended only for on-campus intranet use for educational demonstration purposes.  Trying to download some of these files at home on a phone-modem is NOT recommended.  But here on-campus, or a high-bandwidth www connection, these are nifty scenes for 1st attempts.  I hope I get more time to practice with this software and develop more wonderful worlds. Stay tuned and come back often because...  Life happens and you should know about it!


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